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Stress Management for Opera Artists
Robin Rigby, stress management consultant
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Making Connections12/15/2011

Editor's Note:
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Stress is often unavoidable, especially in the competitive and grueling world of opera. Fortunately, there are proven methods of reducing and managing stress and the factors that cause it. At this session you will learn how to effectively deal with stress so that you can stay healthy, productive and achieve your goals as an artist.

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About the Author: Robin Rigby is a stress management consultant for stress reduction, pain management, preventive and rehabilitative therapy and sleep disorders. She is director and consultant of stress management programs for performing artists as well as the corporate and medical worlds. Rigby is affiliated with the Milton H. Erikson Institute and a research associate for Allocca Biotechnology, Inc. Her extensive medical background includes research on the physiological, neuroscientific and psychological impacts of stress and chronic pain utilizing stress management as treatment protocol. Rigby is a specialist in stress management programs for performing artists that include the New York Philharmonic, New York City Ballet and the Metropolitan Opera. She is on the faculty of Mannes College of Music and the Manhattan School of Music. Rigby also runs a private practice in New York City.
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