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Ausrine Stundyte as Cio-Cio-San, Elizabeth Janes as Butterfly’s child and Sarah Larsen as Suzuki in Seattle Opera's production of Puccini's Madama Butterfly. Photo by Elise Bakketun.
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Main Page Headlines
'Fairies' billboard backfires for St. John's opera company
StaffCBC News
The St. John's-based production company Opera on the Avalon is apologizing for an outdoor billboard that struck some people as homophobic.
Shakespeare's birthday: happy 450th to the Bard
Alice Vincent,The Telegraph
Celebrations across the country mark 450 years since William Shakespeare's birth
Baseball Opera 'The Mighty Casey' Coming To Engel Stadium 4/24, 4/26
Michael Edward
The Chattanooga-based grassroots operatic group, Artisti Affamati, will be presenting the opera, The Mighty Casey, at historic Engel Stadium in April 2014. Professional local singers, musicians, directors, and and crew are coming together to present William Schuman’s operatic adaptation of the classic baseball poem “Casey at the Bat”.
Nonprofits and Instagram: The Ultimate Curated Collection of Best Practices, Examples, and Tips
Beth KanterBeth's Blog
Instagram is a free application for iPhone or Android that lets people take photos, apply filters to change the look of the photos and then share them. Users can share them on Instagram while also choosing to share them to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare. It was created in 2010 and purchased by Facebook in 2012 (more history here). As of March, 2014 Instagram has 200 million users. Instagram has a couple of marketing benefits.  It’s a great branding tool because it can engage audiences, creative instimacy, and appeals to the emotions. It is superb for visual storytelling about your organization, its stakeholders, and results.
Pell stepping down as artistic director of Dallas Opera
Arnold Wayne JonesThe Dallas Voice
Jonathan Pell, who has spent nearly 30 years with the Dallas Opera, currently as its artistic director, and who marshaled its move from Fair Park to the Winspear Opera House, is stepping down from his full-time role with the company, the DO has announced.
Harris Goldsmith, Critic and Classical Pianist, Dies at 78
Vivien SchweitzerThe New York Times
Harris Goldsmith, a rarity in classical music for his simultaneous careers as a professional pianist and a music critic, died on April 2 in Manhattan. He was 78. His death, of congestive heart failure, was confirmed by John Gerlach, a friend and the director of the Tri-Institutional Noon Recitals series at Rockefeller University.
Ten Questions with Saira Frank
StaffThe MadOpera Blog
Saira Frank, soprano, plays Kitty Hart in Dead Man Walking at Madison Opera.

1. My favorite thing about being a singer is: 
Finishing an aria or song and seeing someone in the audience who connected with my performance.  I love to sing, and I get a lot of satisfaction out of performing, but the best performances are when I can feel an energy from the audience telling me that they appreciate my work.
Tips For Taming Your Twitter Timeline
Craig SilvermanHootSuite Blog
You probably miss most of the tweets sent by the people you follow on Twitter.  Whether you’re sleeping, away from your computer or not scrolling through updates on your phone, the tweets keeping coming. 500 million of them per day, by last count. As a result, it’s easy to miss content and conversations that are important to your work, business and life. And even when you are glued to your timeline, it can be hard to get a sense of the key trends, links and people.
Islam the opera: curtain up on Clusters of Light about life of prophet Muhammad
Peter Walker and Susan Schulman The Guardian
Musical production telling the story of Islam's main prophet has premiered in Sharjah, the small emirate adjoining Dubai
Have Operatic Mad Scenes Spread to Board Rooms?
Janos GerebenSan Francisco Classical Voice
Manuela Hoelterhoff has a fascinating article about the present and future of opera in Bloomberg News
San Diego Opera Members Plan To Have Say In Company’s Future
The members of the San Diego Opera association will now have a chance to weigh in on the future of the opera, including on the board of directors’ vote to close.
How to Find Your Social Media Marketing Voice: The Best Examples, Questions and Guides
Kevan LeeBuffer Blog
Finding a voice for your social media marketing can be difficult because the concept is somewhat unlike other optimization strategies online. Voice is not a statistic you can track or a design element you can tweak. Voice goes deeper than that.  Instead of tracking and analyzing, you can plan and practice. Here’s what I’ve found works best in terms of getting your voice together and using it to interact online.
Breaking Up With Facebook? You Better Think Twice
Jeff RevoyFast Company
The internet is ablaze with chatter of how Facebook is “backstabbing” advertisers and “corroding” the relationships between brands and the followers they have worked so hard to attain. Between Eat24’s heartfelt breakup letter to Facebook and Nate Elliot’s “told you so” article on Forrester’s blog, many companies and commentators have very publicly voiced their opinion of Facebook’s decision to limit organic reach and drive marketers to paid advertising.
In Defence of Singers
I remember playing some auditions as part of a “mock” audition panel where the singers would get feedback about their audition presentation. I played for a soprano (who’s doing very well for herself lately) who started smart with some Mozart. One of the auditioners then said to her, “Not that it’s at all appropriate, but I’d love to hear the Lodoletta.” Sigh.
This weekend: 'small' operas with big ideas
Georgia RoweSan Jose Mercury News
When it comes to opera, bigger isn't necessarily better. This week, two Bay Area companies are forsaking the lavish productions and huge casts of grand opera to present works on a more intimate scale.
Canadian Opera Company puts on 15th annual 'Fine Wine Auction'
How much would you pay for a really good bottle of wine? In an phone interview on April 22, 2014 with Tracy Briggs, Senior Manager of Special Events at the Canadian Opera Company, one of the top wines being sold at the 15th annual Fine Wine Auction is being listed for $8,500. But Briggs was also quick to say that there would be plenty of choices for patrons with all different budgets and tastes.
Bar and Bathroom Lines, Molto Adagio
Corinna da Fonesca-WollheimThe New York Times
When the curtain went down on Act II of Puccini’s La Bohème at the Metropolitan Opera on a recent evening, close to 100 stagehands sprang into action. To the sound of beeping machinery, hammer strokes and intermittent warning shouts, they carried props, bundled drops, unfurled scrims, navigated the enormous wagon rolling the next set into place and secured escape stairs to the floor in what looked like brisk, efficient choreography.
10 Reasons Why Twitter Is Appealing to Companies
Team CaffeineSocial Caffeine
Why would a business use Twitter? What’s so appealing about Twitter to companies? Rather than tell you what we think (we’re biased – this is a social media blog, after all), we’ve put together a collection of facts and figures to show you just what’s so special about Twitter. Once you’ve finished, you’ll know exactly why Twitter is appealing to companies. Ready for the ride? Then let’s get started!
Henningsen: Rise Of The Operabots
Vic HenningsenVermont NPR
Tod Machover may not yet be a household name, but give him time. A composer, computer scientist, and all-round futurist at MIT’s Media Lab, Machover is the central figure in Opera of the Future, an ambitious effort to, as he puts it, “humanize technology and make technology, especially in music, be an extension of human gesture.”
The 14 Keys to Writing Advertorials That Sell
Demian FarnworthCopyBlogger
Advertorials are native ads with a single purpose: getting specific action from the reader. This could be donating to a cause, downloading a PDF, subscribing to an email newsletter, visiting a store, or buying a product. An effective advertorial grips the reader and leads her to the logical conclusion — pointing her, in very specific language, to what to do next. This is the call to action.
Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends In 2014
Bidyut Bikash DharBloggerSentral
Gone are the days of traditional marketing techniques! Though old is gold, but these traditional marketing techniques will not work for you if you wish to create a web presence of your brands and services. Here lies the importance of digital marketing. In the year 2013, digital marketing techniques have evolved to a great extent. Thus, it can be assumed that people are excited to know about the major trends in the digital marketing world in 2014. This will help them to decide whether or not they should go for digital marketing training in order to give a boost to their brands and products.
The Ideal Length of Everything Online, Backed by Research
Kevan LeeBuffer Blog
Every so often when I’m tweeting or emailing, I’ll think: Should I really be writing so much? I tend to get carried away. And for the times that I do, it sure would be nice to know if all this extra typing is hurting or helping my cause. I want to stand out on social media, but I want to do it in the right way. Curious, I dug around and found some answers for the ideal lengths of tweets and titles and everything in between. Many of these could have been answered with “it depends,” but where’s the fun in that? Solid research exists to show the value of writing, tweeting, and posting at certain lengths. We can learn a lot from scientific social media guidelines like these. Here’s the best of what I found.
Asking How Much Opera Singers’ Work Is Worth
Rachel L. SwarnsThe New York Times
It was Monday morning and somewhere along the Henry Hudson Parkway, Jean Braham was already singing. She was gliding up and down the octaves as she headed down the highway in her Honda Accord.
Looney Tunes Echo Backstage as Opera Companies Drop Dead
Manuela HoelterhoffBloomberg
Mad scenes help make opera so enjoyable. Think of Lucia di Lammermoor, her nightgown soaked in blood, singing cuckoo duets with a flute.
13 Quit Board of San Diego Opera
Adam NagourneyThe New York Times
Less than a week after the board of the San Diego Opera reaffirmed its decision to shut it down, the embattled company was hit with a new wave of turmoil on Thursday as Karen Cohn, the president of the board, led a contingent of 13 board members in resigning.
Opera board’s new chief a reluctant savior
Pam KragenSan Diego Union-Tribune
Longtime philanthropist Carol Lazier of Poway stepped in to rescue failing arts organization
A TV Opera, Live. Olé!
Vivien SchweitzerThe New York Times
The relationship of language to music, and plot to text, is an intriguing element of Robert Ashley’s “Perfect Lives,” a complex and meditative sequence featuring a hypnotic, sung-spoken narrative that unfolds with myriad cadences.
‘Cradle’ is ‘unlike any other opera’
Robin MillerThe Advocate
Times were hard, unemployment had exploded during the Great Depression and the Works Progress Administration announced it would shut down its Broadway production.
Teacher Says LaGuardia High School Picks Tests Over Talent
Al BakerThe New York Times
Out of the 92 students the dance faculty wanted to accept, the principal, Dr. Lisa Mars, rejected 43 of them, an unusually high ratio, according to a February letter written by the chairwoman of the dance department, Michelle A. Mathesius, to Carmen Fariña, the schools chancellor.
In a Hole, Golf Considers Digging a Wider One
Bill PenningtonThe New York Times
Golf holes the size of pizzas. Soccer balls on the back nine. A mulligan on every hole.

These are some of the measures — some would say gimmicks — that golf courses across the country have experimented with to stop people from quitting the game.
Bernie Madoff Imortalized in Rock Opera
Rebecca SpenceThe Times of Israel
“I wanted to have a Jewish response to Bernie Madoff,” Rabins said over coffee in Portland, Ore., where she moved last year from Brooklyn, N.Y., with her husband and 2-year-old daughter, Sylvia. “I grew interested in the ancient rituals of excommunication, and so I wanted to consider whether a modern, secular excommunication might be warranted. I mean, if not Madoff, then who?”
New Quiz-Based Opera Marketing Strategy
Ross BrooksPSFK
In order to create a more tailored experience, the Metropolitan Opera recently launched a new Ticket Finder service that employs quick questionnaires to match you with the perfect performance. Not only will the quizzes make the theater more accessible for people with limited knowledge of the opera, but it will also help to attract a younger audience to the performing arts and eradicate the notion of opera being stuffy and intimidating.
A Way for Artists to Live
Catherine LaceyThe New York Times
The bedroom was no wider than a subway car, painted Q-train yellow, and had a window facing a construction site that jackhammered at all hours. But I couldn’t wait to move in. I’d answered a Craigslist ad to join a new communal home, and though I wasn’t sure I was the communal-home type, I was also in a phase of reconsidering what type of person I might be. My six housemates planned to open a collectively owned and operated bed-and-breakfast in our building. If our projected costs and occupancy rates were correct (and if the jackhammering would let up), each partner would work 10 to 15 hours a week at the co-op to cover our rent, utilities and shared groceries, freeing up time to pursue the low-to-zero-pay projects we all had in music, art, education and writing.
The hottest topics on Google delivered directly to your inbox
Gavri SmithGoogle: Inside Search
Google Trends is a helpful place to see what people are searching for around the world. You can keep up with hot searches in real time, or take a historical look at trends dating back to 2004. Trends can be really useful if you're a business owner trying to understand what people are saying about your brand, if you're a student researching a topic for sociology class, or if you’re simply trying to figure out when "doge" became a thing. But without doing your own exploration on the Trends website, it can be tough to find the interesting—and sometimes surprising—topics the world is searching for. Starting today, it’s easier to get just the right insights at just the right time with email notifications. 
John Shirley-Quirk, a Bass-Baritone and Specialist in Britten, Is Dead at 82
Margalit FoxThe New York Times
John Shirley-Quirk, a British chemistry teacher who almost by accident became a world-renowned bass-baritone, performing at the Metropolitan Opera and becoming known as an interpreter of Benjamin Britten, died on April 7, in Bath, England. He was 82.
Justin Long to Costar With Renée Fleming in Living on Love at Williamstown Theatre Festival
Hayley Levitt Theater Mania
Williamstown Theatre Festival has announced additional casting for its 2014 main stage summer season.
Mark Morris Prepares for World Premiere of ACIS AND GALATEA
Stephen RaskauskasBroadway World: Opera
This weekend, as we all overload on sugar and attend the obligatory Passion performance, Mark Morris is getting ready to unveil his latest opus. His new production of Handel's ACIS AND GALATEA, one of the most beloved English language operas, has its world premiere next week at Cal Performances, Berkeley (April 25 - 27), before traveling to Celebrity Series of Boston (May 15-18) for its East Coast premiere.
San Diego Opera Board Meeting Leads To Shake Up In Leadership
Angela Carone |
A meeting of the San Diego Opera’s board of directors Thursday resulted in a shakeup in the organization’s top leadership spots. Board President Karen Cohn walked out of the meeting along with a group of other members. Another board member told KPBS that Cohn had resigned. Board member Faye Wilson also walked out early, as did opera director Ian Campbell. According to sources who did not wish to be named, roughly 30 of the board’s 50 members remain active with the group.
The Metropolitan Opera Borrows Buzzfeed’s Strategy To Engage A Younger Audience
Ross BrooksPSFK
Online quizzes match you up with the perfect opera package.
Pearl Rising Up-and-coming opera star Lee Poulis on his role in the Fort Worth Opera's The Pearl Fishers.
Gregory Sullivan IsaacsTheater Jones
The Fort Worth Opera is a lot like an operatic fortuneteller who can actually show you the future. The singers they bring are the ones that will be the major stars in the coming decades. 
A topical theme for a company which is far from typical
Roz LawsBirmingham Post
Birmingham Opera Company is known for its unusual productions. Roz Laws discovers how its latest does not disappoint
Looking Back at Life The director of With Blood With Ink at Fort Worth Opera talks about the work and her career onstage, including Broadway.
Gregory Sullivan IsaacsTheater Jones
What does the title With Blood, With Ink conjure in your operatic imagination? Some freedom fighter/author like Andréa Chenier? Maybe the doomed playwright Rodolfo in La Bohème? Probably not the life of a Baroque-era feminist nun, but that is the basis for the new opera that opens on Sunday, April 20, as part of the exciting Fort Worth Opera Festival.
Opera Singer's Comedic Aria Livens Up Paris Subway for Commuters (Video)
Alex HeiglPeople Magazine
Opera singer Christophe Ménager likes to liven up the Paris subway with arias. This video captures him performing a comic selection for daily commuters. 
Sondra Radvanovsky tackles opera's Triple Crown
Trish CrawfordToronto Star
With Canadian Opera Company’s Roberto Devereux, opening April 25, Radvanovsky will have sung all three Donizetti queens, including Anna Bolena and Maria Stuarda
#Opera in 140 characters
Vaishna RoyThe Hindu
I attended a very interesting show last week. Performed by the students of the KM Music Conservatory (part of the A.R. Rahman Foundation) the evening could have taught a thing or two to many of the city’s established theatre companies.
Of the Highest Order
Teresa MarreroTheater Jones
Can a 17th century New World nun—a child born out of wedlock, later hailed as an intellectual genius and eventually suffocated under the Catholic Church and the Spanish crown’s patriarchy—still resonate culturally and artistically today, 500 years later? Yes, so much so that two stage productions about her in the Fort Worth-Dallas area open this weekend.
Dallas Opera Announces Ten Finalists for 2014 Maria Callas Debut Artist of the Year; Ceremony Set for 5/22
StaffBroadway World
Ten artists have been nominated and thousands of subscribers will soon be casting their vote for this year's winner of the prestigious "Maria Callas Debut Artist of the Year" Award. 
MOOCs for Arts Managers
Caroline BrentArts Management & Technology Laboratory - Carnegie Mellon
Since their introduction in 2008, massive open online courses (MOOCs) have popped up on myriad online platforms and offered through hundreds of institutions. Some arts organizations, like the Museum of Modern Art and the American Museum of Natural History, have started to supplement their educational programming with MOOCs. While this has yet to become a widespread practice, it could prove beneficial to many arts organizations.
National Geographic Concludes What Americans Will Look Like in 2050, and It's Beautiful
Zak Cheney-RicePolicyMic
It's no secret that interracial relationships are trending upward, and in a matter of years we'll have Tindered, OKCupid-ed and otherwise sexed ourselves into one giant amalgamated mega-race. But what will we look like? National Geographic built its 125th anniversary issue around this very question last October, calling on writer Lise Funderburg and Martin Schoeller, a renowned photographer and portrait artist, to capture the lovely faces of our nation's multiracial future.
Stephanie Blythe pays tribute to Kate Smith in 'We'll Meet Again'
When mezzo-soprano Stephanie Blythe takes the stage of the McCarter Theatre Center’s Matthews Theatre on Monday, she will do so not only as a custodian of the Great American Songbook, but also as an advocate for one the most galvanizing personalities of radio’s Golden Age.

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