Postcard from Morocco
Composer: Dominick Argento
Librettist: John Donahue
Other Artistic Personnel: John Donahue (Director)
Work Web Site:
Premiere Date: October 14, 1971
Producing Company: Minnesota Opera
Description: A small group of people wait in a railway station. One of them sings about the hand mirror she carries. The passengers ask Mr. Owen, a man with a paint box, what he does; before answering, they are distracted by a puppet show. One of the passengers talks about his luggage. Another man has a cornet case, but will not open the case. Another traveler makes hats for the movies, but is misunderstood by the rest. One passenger reveals that he is a shoe salesman, but also refuses to open his case. Mr. Owen is asked about his painting. One of the ladies has a cake box, in which she says she keeps her lover. Mr. Owen talks about a magical ship he imagined when he was younger. A puppet maker appears, talking about all of the things that go into puppet making. Mr. Owen is asked to paint the passengers’ portraits. As they wonder about his paint box, they bully him into place to paint them. His box falls open, revealing that it is empty. The puppet show concludes, and everyone but Mr. Owen leaves. He sings about the ship of his childhood dreams.
Character List (Major): A Lady with a "Cake Box" (s)
A Lady with a Hand Mirror/An Operetta Singer (col s)
A Lady with a "Hat Box"/A Foreign Singer (mz)
Mr. Owen, Man with a Paint Box (t)
A Man with Old Luggage/First Puppet/An Operetta Singer (t)
A Man with a Shoe Sample Kit/Second Puppet (bar)
A Man with "Cornet Case"/A Puppet Maker (b)
Character List (Minor): 2 Entertainers (mime)
Bit Parts: A Puppet Maker (speaking)
Reviews: New York Times, Tim Page, 2/22/1985;
Length: 01:30
Total Acts: 1
Chorus: No chorus
Orchestration: 1 cl(=asax,bcl) - 1 tbn - perc(1):SD/BD/tom - t/cyms/tgl/ cast/chime/wind chimes/maracas - gtr - pft(=cel) - strings(1 vln1 1 vla, 1 db)
Contact: Boosey & Hawkes
Address: 229 W 28th Street, Floor 11
New York, NY 10001
E-mail Address:
Phone: 212-358-5300
Publisher Web Site:
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Postcard from Morocco (Argento)
Friday, March 21, 2014 - Portland Opera
Postcard from Morocco (Argento)
Thursday, April 19, 2007 - Curtis Institute of Music Opera Theatre
330 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001
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