Eric Hermannson's Soul
Composer: Libby Larsen
Composer Bio: Libby Larsen (b. 24 December 1950, Wilmington, Delaware) is one of America’s most performed living composers. She has created a catalogue of over 400 works spanning virtually every genre from intimate vocal and chamber music to massive orchestral works and over twelve operas. Grammy Award winning and widely recorded, including over fifty CD’s of her work, she is constantly sought after for commissions and premieres by major artists, ensembles, and orchestras around the world, and has established a permanent place for her works in the concert repertory. As a vigorous, articulate advocate for the music and musicians of our time, in 1973 Larsen co-founded the Minnesota Composers Forum, now the American Composer’s Forum, which has become an invaluable aid for composers in a transitional time for American arts. A former holder of the Papamarkou Chair at John W. Kluge Center of the Library of Congress, Larsen has also held residencies with the Minnesota Orchestra, the Charlotte Symphony and the Colorado Symphony.
Librettist: Chas Rader-Shieber
Other Artistic Personnel: Hal France (conductor & director)
Original Cast: Jennifer Casey Abbot (Margaret)
Theodore Green (Eric)
Steven Goldstein (preacher Asa Skinner)
Juline Barol-Gilmore (Lena Hanson)
Gustav Andreassen (Jerry Lockhart)
Michael Zegarski (Wyllis)
Greek Chorus Quartet:
Anne DeVriese
Teresa Buchhold
Scott Miller
Jeremy Ayer
Premiere Date: November 11, 1998
Producing Company: Opera Omaha
Description: Eric Hermannson, a young Norwegian with a deep love for music and dance, converts to Gospelism. He is forced to give away his violin and cease to dance, devoting his life to fundamentalism. The beautiful and refined Margaret Elliot visits from the East Coast. Margaret and Eric fall in love. Margaret learns that love brings joy to life, even if only for a moment. Eric learns that love is a greater truth than fear. Margaret leaves. Eric plays and dances again.
Character List (Major): Soprano, 2 Mezzo-sopranos, 2 Tenors, Bass-baritone, Baritone,
Character List (Minor): solo quartet (SATB)
Length: 01:45
Total Acts: 2
Chorus: Chorus (20 singers)
Contact: Opera Omaha
Address: 1625 Farnam St. Suite 100
Omaha, NE 68102
Phone: 402-346-4398
Composer Web Site:
Schedule of Performances Listings
Eric Hermannson's Soul (Larsen)
Wednesday, November 11, 1998 - Opera Omaha
330 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001
Tel: 212.796.8620 • Fax: 212.796.8621

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