The artwork represented on NOTES was created by the following artists:

Jaileen, age 17, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Aida
Lily, age 18, Valparaiso, Indiana, La boheme
Hunter, age 17, Valparaiso, Indiana, The Barber of Seville
Kevin, age 17, Valparaiso, Indiana, Carmen
  Katie, age 14, Valparaiso, Indiana, Hansel and Gretel and The Magic Flute
Phoebe, age 16, Valparaiso, Indiana, Traviata
Christina, age 18, Valparaiso, Indiana, Madam Butterfly

Photo Credits
Palm Beach Opera
Lyric Opera Kansas City
Brittany Mazzurco - Florida Grand Opera
Tony Brown - Washington National Opera

OPERA America is pleased to invite students ages 5-18 to submit original artwork for NOTES. Click here to download the guidelines for submission.
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Artwork/Photo Credits
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