The Three Fat Women of Antibes
Composer: Mona Lyn Reese
Composer Bio: Mona Lyn Reese has been composing professionally since 1975. In her recent works, she has concentrated on opera and orchestral music. Her work is melodic and accessible with an emphasis on driving or complex rhythms, movement, and contrasting textures. Her music communicates and expresses emotions traditionally or experimentally without allowing a prevailing fashion to dictate style, form, or harmony.

Composer-in-Residence at the Minnesota Opera from 1991-1999, she arranged works for the Minnesota Opera touring company and conducted educational residencies to help students write and produce original operas. Reese received a Continental Harmony Commission in 2000. The American Composers' Forum and the National Endowment for the Arts created the Continental Harmony program to enable small to mid-size communities in each state to commission new pieces for the millennium. Continental Harmony was an official partner of the White House Millennium Council. Reese composed Suite Carroll County for the Carroll County Orchestra and Chorale in Carrollton, Ohio.
Librettist: Thomas A. Hassing
Librettist Bio: Thomas Hassing studied creative writing with Michael Dennis Brown at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, and The Loft. He has been writing poetry, short stories, lyrics, and light verse since 1984. Mr. Hassing is known for his engaging and comic writing. He has collaborated with Mona Lyn Reese on many projects including The Three Fat Women of Antibes and Suite Carroll County. The Basilica of Saint Mary (Minneapolis, Minnesota) commissioned him to write lyrics for a festive hymn celebrating the feast of St. Francis. This hymn has become a standard at the Basilica's famous Blessing of the Animals celebration since 1994.

Mr. Hassing is an intellectual property law attorney specializing in arts and entertainment law. He is a pro bono panel attorney for California Lawyers for the Arts, and is writer member of ASCAP.
Premiere Date: May 09, 2009
Producing Company: San Jose State University Opera Workshop
Description: Three wealthy middle aged women (Beatrice, Frank, and Arrow) take a house in Antibes, to pursue a weight reduction regimen. The women are not plump or chubby, but decidedly fat. The youngest of the women (Arrow) hopes to find an attractive and wealthy young man for her third husband. The women, keen and enthusiastic bridge players, are the best of friends. They support each other in their diets and enjoy their time together. The only thing they really need is a fourth for bridge.

Frank invites her recently widowed cousin and an excellent bridge player, Lena, to join them for several weeks. Lena’s doctor told her she should eat simple foods—bread, butter, potatoes, and cream—to help her over her husband’s death. Lena has never had a weight problem, she can eat anything she pleases, and does. She wins a lot of their money, puts butter on everything, and has wine with meals. Lena’s diet and her ability to win at bridge strains the three fat women’s friendship to the bursting point.
Character List (Major): Coloratura soprano, lyric soprano, mezzo or alto, tenor, baritone
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Length: Length is not available.
Total Acts: 2
Orchestration: Piano
Contact: Mona Lyn Reese
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