Freedom Found
Composer: Martha Bushore-Fallis, MD
Composer Bio: Dean recalls playing piano at age 5 and having to sit on an unabridged dictionary to reach the keys. He astonished his parents, who both played the piano, by hearing music then playing what he heard... “had a good ear”. Dean left at age 18 to attend the Northern Conservatory of Music in Bangor, Maine, and graduated with a major in doublebass in 1972. He played Hammond organ 1972-1975 in a rock band, The Maine Attraction, then multiple bands in Maine before moving to Tampa Bay in 1991. He plays in multiple bands right here “in paradise” and doesn’t ever plan to leave. Currently playing in Suncoast Dixieland Jazz Society groups including Dixie Chaps, and dance band Pleasure, at Bilmar Beach Grill Razzie’s and Treasure Island Yacht Club, Sarasota Singles Club, and St. Pete Coliseum tea dances.
Librettist: Martha Bushore-Fallis, MD
Librettist Bio: Martha, Pediatric Emergency Physician for 25 years, told her Mom of plans to “be a baby doctor” while a doll-carrying 5 year old in Knoxville, TN, and recalls writing music at age 7. At age 19 Martha sang in 6 European countries as member of the Univ of TN Singers. She had formal lessons in flute, piano, voice, guitar, and played harmonica with her father and organ on her own. Martha and her husband Jim are proud of their 3 Canadian families, all of whom are involved in theater and music, and 3 US families with 6 married children for a total of 12 in the next generation and an additional 12 in grands!

She had a lifelong dream to protect children and youth facing tough challenges by encouraging wise choices, thereby reducing negative consequences... regardless of past or present hardships and to write a musical. It came to life in November of 2003 when FREEDOM FOUND was born. FRANCIS “SONNY” ANNIS and DEAN FERNALD, Tampa Bay professional musicians, joined with Martha to write the musical together. Initially, a tape recorder, piano, and hand written notes on plain paper were used. And 7 years later, The World Premiere production took place on September 25 & 26, 2010 at the Palladium Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Original Cast: Family in Order of Appearance
Jake, The Son ... Thomas Massey
Sally, The Daughter ... Esther Schneider
Marie, The Mother ... Mary Croom
Anna, The Grandmother ... Esther Talledo
Raz, The Father ... Kevin Nickorick
Abe, The Grandfather ... Jeff Clark
Good Neighbors
Will, Good Neighbor (Country Of Origin) ... Rex Tabor
Lou, Good Neighbor (Usa) ... Peyton Rydell
Three Men ... Jeremy Stephen, David Thut, Tyler Gates As Takers, Ship Crew, Builders, Teachers, Gang
Josie, Girl Friend ... Erika Van GorDen
Elizabeth Boone, Danielle Denninger, Natalie Dupre, Paris Dupre, Chloe Mcfrederick, Dakota Gates, Avery Gross, Robby Hassell, Daniel Lennox, Shelby Lennox, Liana Stephen, Mia Strickland
Dance Troupe:
Skylar Bronson, Courtney Carmichael, Shelby Carmichael, Skylar Jay, Amanda Lewis, Katie Szymanski, Kelly Szymanski, Molly Szymanski
Jane Russell Geddings
Libby St John, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Piano ... Constantine Grame
Synthesizer ... Dean Fernald
Bass ... Francis “Sonny” Annis
Percussion ... Skip Pittman
Flute ... Melanie Wyatt
Clarinet ... Austin Vickrey
Trumpet ... Andy Reese
Trombone ... Dan Wagstaff
Work Web Site:
Premiere Date: September 25, 2010
Producing Company: Florida Lyric Opera
Description: Abused and victimized in their own land as they battle for freedom of choice, a family immigrates but encounters oppression of a different kind. Through the trials and heartaches of a difficult life, the family emerges with strength, perspective, insight and self-respect. The cost has been high but a bright future is assured. This is a compelling musical journey filled with life lessons for all ages. It’s a story of struggle and a story of victory. But above all, it’s a story of a quest for freedom … to choose WHO to be.
Length: Length is not available.
Total Acts: 2
Contact: Martha Bushore-Fallis
E-mail Address:
Publisher Web Site:
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