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Alice Ryley
Composer: Michael Ching
Librettist: Michael Ching
Aethelred the Unready
Composer: Richard Wilson
Librettist: Richard Wilson
Composer: Roger Ames
Librettist: Roger Ames
The Apostle
Composer: Gamma Skupinsky
Librettist: Gamma Skupinsky
Arthur Snatchfold
Composer: Alan Stringer
Librettist: Alan Stringer
The Blue Hotel
Composer: Brian Clarence Hulse
Librettist: Brian Clarence Hulse
The Bonesetter's Daughter
Composer: Stewart Wallace
Librettist: Amy Tan
Composer: Huang Ruo
Librettist: Bao-Long Chu
The Bartender
Composer: Dennis Dezort / James Riggs
The Cat Lover
Composer: Roberto Pace
Librettist: Ann T. Greene
St. Carmen of the Main
Composer: Sydney Hodkinson
Librettist: Devin Lee
Death of Enkidu
Composer: Harry Somers
Librettist: Martin Kinch
Different Fields
Composer: Mike Reid
Librettist: Sarah Schlesinger
Les Enfants Terribles
Composer: Philip Glass
Librettist: Philip Glass
En Mis Palabras
Composer: Roger Ames
Librettist: Jeffrey Gilden
The Fashionable Lady
Composer: John Craton
Librettist: James Ralph
The Central Park Five
Composer: Anthony Davis
Librettist: Richard Wesley
Four Saints in Three Acts
Composer: Virgil Thomson
Librettist: Gertrude Stein
From Little to Less
Composer: Lionel Lackey
Librettist: Lionel Lackey
Composer: John Craton
Librettist: adapted from Addai Alkhas
The Glass Harmonica
Composer: Garry Eister
Librettist: Garry Eister
Goodbye to the Clown
Composer: Ezra Laderman
Librettist: Ernest Kinoy
Great Scott
Composer: Jake Heggie
Librettist: Terrance McNally
The Greater Good
Composer: Stephen Hartke
Librettist: Stephen Hartke after Philip Litte
Healing (Title In Progress)
Composer: Sally Reid
Librettist: Chris Willerton
Composer: Ned Rorem
Librettist: Kenneth Koch
Hearts on Fire
Composer: Roger Ames
Librettist: Laura Harrington
Highway 1, U.S.A.
Composer: William Grant Still
Librettist: Verna Arvey
How Green was my Valley
Composer: Roger Ames
Librettist: Elizabeth Bassine
Just Above My Head
Composer: Nathan Davis
Librettist: Ursula Davis
Later the Same Evening
Composer: John Musto
Librettist: Mark Campbell
My Lai
Composer: Jonathan Berger
Librettist: Harriet Chessman
Mapping Venus
Composer: Sorrel Hays
Librettist: Gertrude Stein and Sorrel Hays
Mary, Queen of Scots
Composer: Thea Musgrave
Librettist: Thea Musgrave
Miss Havisham's Fire
Composer: Dominick Argento
Librettist: John Olon-Scrymgeour
Mom Sings an Aria
Composer: Alan Stringer
Librettist: Alan Stringer and James Yaffe
A Month in the Country
Composer: Lee Hoiby
Librettist: William Ball
Nicholas and Alexandra
Composer: Deborah Dratell
Librettist: Nicholas von Hoffman
Our Town
Composer: Ned Rorem
Librettist: J.D. McClatchy
The Passion of Jonathan Wade
Composer: Carlisle Floyd
Librettist: Carlisle Floyd
The Passion of Rita St. James
Composer: David Conte
Librettist: John Stirling Walker
A Perfect Plan
Composer: Seymour Barab
Librettist: Seymour Barab
The Picnic
Composer: Richard Cumming
Librettist: Henry Butler
The Pink Siamese
Composer: Seymour Barab
Librettist: Susan Otto
The Portrait
Composer: Becky Llewellyn
Librettist: Becky Llewellyn
A Quiet Place
Composer: Leonard Bernstein
Librettist: Stephen Wadsworth
The Rape of the Lock
Composer: Deborah Mason
Librettist: Deborah Mason
The Refuge
Composer: Christopher Theofanidis
Librettist: Leah Lax
The Robin Woman: Shanewis
Composer: Charles Wakefield Cadman
Librettist: Nelle Richmond Eberhart
Composer: John Alan Rose
Librettist: Michele Coppola Ames
The Red Mill
Composer: Victor Herbert
Librettist: Henry Blossom
Composer: Frances Pollock
Librettist: Frances Pollock
The Scarlet Ibis
Composer: Stefan Weisman
Librettist: David Cote
Soldier Songs
Composer: David T. Little
Librettist: David T. Little
Composer: Neil Weisensel
Librettist: Shane Koyczan
Susannah Martin
Composer: Catherine Reid
Librettist: Judith Lane
The Property: A Klezmer Opera
Composer: Wlad Marhulets
Librettist: Stephanie Fleischmann
Composer: Kamala Sankaram
Librettist: Susan Yankowitz
Composer: George Antheil
Librettist: George Antheil
Washington Square
Composer: Thomas Pasatieri
Librettist: Kenwood Elmslie
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