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Pride and Prejudice
Composer: Mechem Kirke
Librettist: Mechem Kirke
Amazing Grace
Composer: Chris Pratorius
Librettist: Brian Staufenbiel
Amelia Goes To The Ball
Composer: Gian Carlo Menotti
Librettist: Gian Carlo Menotti
An American Tragedy
Composer: Tobias Picker
Librettist: Gene Scheer
ANNA HUNTER, the spirit of Savannah
Composer: Michael Ching
Librettist: Michael Ching
Composer: Brian Israel
Librettist: Joseph Y. Israel
The Ballad of Baby Doe
Composer: Douglas Moore
Librettist: John Latouche
Ballerina and the Clown
Composer: Libby Larsen
Librettist: Sally Gall
Composer: Richard Wargo
Librettist: Richard Wargo
Beatrix Cenci
Composer: Alberto Ginastera
Librettist: William Shand
The Big Bonanza
Composer: Monica T. Houghton
Librettist: Jon Christensen
BOUNCE the Basketball Opera
Composer: Roven Glen
La Cantatrice Chauve/The Bald Soprano
Composer: Gérard Calvi
Librettist: n/a
Come Back, Little Sheba
Composer: Clint Ballard, Jr.
Librettist: Lee Goldsmith
The Composer's Nightmare, or Puss in Boots
Composer: Jorge Martín
Librettist: Andrew Joffe and Jorge Martín
The Couch, or, This is Therapy?
Composer: Barry Drogin
Librettist: Barry Drogin
Daughter of the South
Composer: Edward Joseph Collins
Librettist: Edward Joseph Collins
Different Fields
Composer: Mike Reid
Librettist: Sarah Schlesinger
The Discontented Housewife
Composer: James Nathaniel Holland
Librettist: James Nathaniel Holland
Dracula, the Opera
Composer: Paul Ziemba
Librettist: Paul Ziemba
The Dream Healer
Composer: Lloyd Burritt
Librettist: Christopher Allan and Don Mowatt
Dreaming Blue
Composer: Libby Larsen
Librettist: Libby Larsen
The Enchantment of Dreams
Composer: Cary John Franklin
Librettist: Michael Patrick Albano
The End of the Affair
Composer: Jake Heggie
Librettist: Heather McDonald
Les Enfants Terribles
Composer: Philip Glass
Librettist: Philip Glass
The Fashionable Lady
Composer: John Craton
Librettist: James Ralph
Flight - Ivan the Terrible
Composer: George Antheil
Librettist: George Antheil
The Flood
Composer: Igor Stravinsky
Librettist: Robert Craft
Gentlemen, Be Seated!
Composer: Jerome Moross
Librettist: Edward Eager
The Golden Apple
Composer: Jerome Moross
Librettist: John Latouche
Great Scott
Composer: Jake Heggie
Librettist: Terrance McNally
Hangman, Hangman! (¡Verdugo, Verdugo!)
Composer: Leonardo Balada
Librettist: Leonardo Balada
Idiot's Delight
Composer: William Bolcom
Librettist: Arnold Weinstein
Les Feluettes (Lilies)
Composer: Kevin March
Librettist: Michel Bouchard
Looking Glass Lake
Composer: Jim Payne
Librettist: Leslie Ball
Composer: Gamma Skupinsky
Librettist: Richard Gales
The Midnight Angel
Composer: David Carlson
Librettist: Peter S. Beagle
The Mighty Casey
Composer: William Howard Schuman
Librettist: Jeremy Gury
A Month in the Country
Composer: Lee Hoiby
Librettist: William Ball
A More Perfect Union
Composer: Victoria Bond
Librettist: Isaiah Sheffer
Natalia Petrovna
Composer: Lee Hoiby
Librettist: William Ball
Nixon in China
Composer: John Adams
Librettist: Alice Goodman
Our Town
Composer: Ned Rorem
Librettist: J.D. McClatchy
Pepito's Golden Flower
Composer: Caldwell E Mary
Librettist: Caldwell E Mary
Peter Ibbetson
Composer: Deems Taylor
Librettist: Constance Collier and Deems Taylor
Rodman in North Korea
Composer: Sarah Hutchings
Librettist: Mark Sonnenblick
The Reconciliation
Composer: John Craton
Librettist: Peter Markoe
Composer: Marc Blitzstein
Librettist: Marc Blitzstein
The Shining
Composer: Paul Moravec
Librettist: Mark Campbell
Safe Word
Composer: Robert Paterson
Librettist: David Cote
The Scrimshaw Violin
Composer: Bruce Saylor
Librettist: Jonathan Levi
The Shot
Composer: Gamma Skupinsky
Librettist: Gamma Skupinsky
The Silver Tassie
Composer: Mark-Anthony Turnage
Librettist: Amanda Holden
Sister Beatrice
Composer: Elaine Fine
Librettist: Elaine Fine
The Splendid Splinter
Composer: Stanley Silverman
Librettist: Mark Campbell
St. Joan of Arc
Composer: Rubyana T. Carilli
Librettist: James K. Gerth
Composer: Neil Weisensel
Librettist: Shane Koyczan
The Summer King
Composer: Daniel Sonenberg
Librettist: Daniel Nester
The Fix
Composer: Joel Puckett
Librettist: Eric Simonson
The Little Blue One – A Chamber Opera in Three Acts
Composer: Dominick DiOrio
Librettist: Meghan Guidry
Troubled Island
Composer: William Grant Still
Librettist: Langston Hughes and Verna Arvey
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