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An American Soldier's Tale/ A Fiddler's Tale
Composer: Igor Stravinsky Wynton Marshalls
Librettist: Kurt Vonnegut / Stanley Crouch
An American Tragedy
Composer: Tobias Picker
Librettist: Gene Scheer
Angle of Repose
Composer: Andrew Imbrie
Librettist: Oakley Hall
Antony and Cleopatra
Composer: Gerard Chiusano
Librettist: Gene Tyburn
The Apostle
Composer: Gamma Skupinsky
Librettist: Gamma Skupinsky
Aria da Capo
Composer: Robert Baksa
Librettist: Robert Baksa
The Boor
Composer: Dominick Argento
Librettist: John Olon-Scrymgeour
The Boor
Composer: Donald Grantham
Librettist: Donald Grantham
A Brief History of Root Vegetables
Composer: David Heuser
Librettist: David Heuser
The Brute
Composer: Lawrence Moss
Librettist: Eric Bentley
El Canguro
Composer: Peter Michael von der Nahmer
Librettist: Cynthia Ferrell
The Dangerous Liaisons
Composer: Conrad Susa
Librettist: Philip Littell
Death of Enkidu
Composer: Harry Somers
Librettist: Martin Kinch
A Dream Fulfilled — The Saga of George Washington Carver
Composer: Michael Patterson
Librettist: Michael Patterson
Eleanor Roosevelt
Composer: Persis Parshall Vehar
Librettist: Gabrielle S. Vehar
Composer: Victor Herbert
Librettist: Henry Blossom
The Emperor Jones
Composer: Louis Gruenberg
Librettist: Kathleen de Jaffa
Composer: Marvin David Levy
Librettist: Lionel Abel
Composer: Joby Talbot
Librettist: Gene Scheer
The Face on the Barroom Floor
Composer: Henry Mollicone
Librettist: John S. Bowman
The Fall of Albion
Composer: Richard Squires
Librettist: Richard Squires
Composer: Douglas Moore
Librettist: Arnold Sundgaard
Garibaldi en Sicile
Composer: Marcello Panni
Librettist: Kenneth Koch
Glory Denied
Composer: Tom Cipullo
Librettist: Tom Cipullo
The Gospel at Colonus
Composer: Bob Telson
Librettist: Lee Breuer
Great Scott
Composer: Jake Heggie
Librettist: Terrance McNally
Composer: Anais Mitchell
Librettist: Anais Mitchell
Harvey Milk
Composer: Stewart Wallace
Librettist: Michael Korie
Composer: John Eaton
Librettist: Michael Fried
Hercules vs. Vampires
Composer: Patrick Morganelli
Librettist: Patrick Morganelli
The Hero
Composer: Gian Carlo Menotti
Librettist: Gian Carlo Menotti
Composer: William MacSems
Librettist: Michael Hall
Composer: Jack Beeson
Librettist: Jack Beeson
The King's Henchman
Composer: Deems Taylor
Librettist: Edna St. Vincent Millay
Little Rhoda and the Fossil Hunt
Composer: John Musto
Composer: Bruce Wolosoff
Librettist: Michael Hall
Composer: Gamma Skupinsky
Librettist: Richard Gales
Mario and the Magician
Composer: Harry Somers
Librettist: Rod Anderson
Memoirs of Uliana Rooney
Composer: Vivian Fine
Librettist: Sonya Friedman
Composer: Oscar Strasnoy
Librettist: Irina Possamai
Monsters of Grace
Composer: Philip Glass
Librettist: Coleman Barks
Composer: Erling Wold
Librettist: Douglas Kearney
The Mother of Us All
Composer: Virgil Thomson
Librettist: Gertrude Stein
Murder in the First
Composer: Solomon Epstein
Librettist: Solomon Epstein
The Music Shop
Composer: Richard Wargo
Librettist: Richard Wargo
Composer: Cardon V. Burnham
Librettist: Cardon V. Butnham
El Niño
Composer: John Adams
Librettist: Biblical texts, Gnostic I
Composer: Alva Henderson
Librettist: Dana Gioia
Pepito's Golden Flower
Composer: Caldwell E Mary
Librettist: Caldwell E Mary
Pacific Overtures
Composer: Stephen J Sondheim
Librettist: Stephen J Sondheim
Phillip Marshall
Composer: Seymour Barab
Librettist: Seymour Barab
The Picnic
Composer: Richard Cumming
Librettist: Henry Butler
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Composer: Lowell Liebermann
Librettist: Lowell Liebermann
Queenie Pie
Composer: Duke and Maurice Peress Ellington
Librettist: George C. Wolfe
A Quiet Place
Composer: Leonard Bernstein
Librettist: Stephen Wadsworth
The Rape of the Lock
Composer: Deborah Mason
Librettist: Deborah Mason
Composer: Steven Mackey
Librettist: Rinde Eckert
Composer: Marc Blitzstein
Librettist: Marc Blitzstein
The Robin Woman: Shanewis
Composer: Charles Wakefield Cadman
Librettist: Nelle Richmond Eberhart
The Shining
Composer: Paul Moravec
Librettist: Mark Campbell
Sister Carrie
Composer: Robert Aldridge
Librettist: Herschel Garfein
Saga of the Hidden Sun
Composer: Edward C. Garza
Librettist: Elizabeth Shaw
The Seagull
Composer: Thomas Pasatieri
Librettist: Kenward Elmslie
Composer: Roger Anderson
Librettist: Lee Goldsmith
The Shot
Composer: Gamma Skupinsky
Librettist: Gamma Skupinsky
Sir Gawain and the Green Night
Composer: Richard Peaslee
Librettist: Kenneth Cavander
The Snow Queen
Composer: Elaine Fine
Librettist: Elaine Fine
The Sojourner and Mollie Sinclair
Composer: Carlisle Floyd
Librettist: Carlisle Floyd
The Splendid Splinter
Composer: Stanley Silverman
Librettist: Mark Campbell
The Spurt of Blood
Composer: Andrew Toovey
Librettist: Andrew Toovey
Composer: Neil Weisensel
Librettist: Shane Koyczan
Sub Pontio Pilato
Composer: Erling Wold
Librettist: James Bisso
The Summer King
Composer: Daniel Sonenberg
Librettist: Daniel Nester
Tea: A Mirror of Soul
Composer: Tan Dun
Librettist: Xu Ying
Three, Two, One, Bang!
Composer: Justine Chen
Librettist: Justine Chen
The Three Feathers
Composer: Lori Laitman
Librettist: Dana Gioia
The Thunder of Horses
Composer: Cary John Franklin
Librettist: Michael Patrick Albano
Trouble the Water
Composer: Arthur Rosen
Librettist: Arthur Rosen
Composer: Ricky Ian Gordon
Librettist: Michael Korie
The Unicorn in the Garden
Composer: Russell Smith
Librettist: Joseph Lonstreth
Vanity and the Goddess Sarasvati
Composer: Michael Oesterle
Librettist: Michael Oesterle
Visitations (Theotokia and The War Reporter)
Composer: Jonathan Berger
Librettist: Dan O'Brien
Voir Dire
Composer: Matthew Peterson
Librettist: Jason Zencka
The Voyage of Edgar Allen Poe
Composer: Dominick Argento
Librettist: Charles Nolte
Rise for Freedom: The John P. Parker Story
Composer: Adolphus Hailstork
Librettist: David Gonzales
We Shall Not Be Moved
Composer: Daniel Bernard Roumain
The Wooden Sword
Composer: Sheila Silver
Librettist: Stephen Kitsakos
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