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An American Dream
Composer: Jack Perla
Librettist: Jessica Murphy Moo
Composer: Harry Freedman
Librettist: Mavor Moore
Alhambra Motel
Composer: Stephen Weinstock
Librettist: Jonathan Levi
The Ballad of Baby Doe
Composer: Douglas Moore
Librettist: John Latouche
Buried Alive
Composer: Jeff Myers
Librettist: Quincy Long
Burning Bright
Composer: Frank Lewin
Librettist: Frank Lewin
Caliban Dreams
Composer: Clark Suprynowicz
Librettist: Amanda Moody
Carry Nation
Composer: Douglas Moore
Librettist: William North Jayme
Composer: Robert Leigh Selig
Librettist: Richard Moore
A Circle of Love
Composer: Alan Stringer
Librettist: Alan Stringer
Claudia Legare
Composer: Robert Ward
Librettist: Bernard Stambler
Criminal Element
Composer: David Smooke
Librettist: David Smooke
To Cross the Face of the Moon / Cruzar la Cara de la Luna
Composer: José Martinez
Librettist: Leonard Foglia
The Decision
Composer: Thea Musgrave
Librettist: Maurice Lindsay
Devil & Daniel Webster
Composer: Douglas Moore
Librettist: Stephen Vincent Benet
Doctor Heidegger's Fountain of Youth
Composer: Jack Beeson
Librettist: Sheldon Harnick
The Dream Healer
Composer: Lloyd Burritt
Librettist: Christopher Allan and Don Mowatt
Dr. Heidegger's Fountain of Youth
Composer: Jack Beeson
Librettist: Sheldon Harnick
Enemies, A Love Story
Composer: Ben Moore
Librettist: Nahma Sandrow
Full Moon in March
Composer: John Harbison
Librettist: John Harbison
Composer: Douglas Moore
Librettist: Arnold Sundgaard
The Greenfield Christmas Tree
Composer: Douglas Moore
Librettist: Arnold Sundgaard
Guacamayo's Old Song and Dance
Composer: John Oliver
Librettist: Melissa Cameron
Hit the Lights!
Composer: Jon Gilutin
Librettist: Michele Lowe
Hotel Eden
Composer: Henry Mollicone
Librettist: Judith Fein
The Invention of Morel
Composer: Stewart Copeland
Librettist: Jonathan Moore
Keppers of the Light
Composer: Jon Polifrone
Librettist: Craig Fields
The King's Henchman
Composer: Deems Taylor
Librettist: Edna St. Vincent Millay
Composer: Gian Carlo Menotti
Librettist: Gian Carlo Menotti
Lord Byron
Composer: Virgil Thomson
Librettist: Jack Larson
Louis Riel
Composer: Harry Somers
Librettist: Mavor Moore in collaboration wi
Luke and Sarah
Composer: James Domine
Librettist: James R. Murphy
Manuscrit Trouvé à Saragosse (Manuscript Found In Saragossa)
Composer: José Evangelista
Librettist: Alexis Nouss
Many Moons
Composer: Celius Dougherty
Librettist: Celius Dougherty
Many Moons
Composer: Robert Kapilow
Librettist: Hilary Blecher
A Midwinter Night's Dream
Composer: Harry Somers
Librettist: Tim Wynne-Jones
A Month in the Country
Composer: Lee Hoiby
Librettist: William Ball
Composer: Richard Rodgers
Librettist: Oscar Hammerstein II
Our Town
Composer: Ned Rorem
Librettist: J.D. McClatchy
Pimooteewin (The Journey)
Composer: Melissa Hui
Librettist: Thomson Highway
Reflections of the Watermoon
Composer: Patricia Burgess
Librettist: Patricia Burgess
Robin Hood
Composer: Ben Moore
The Robin Woman: Shanewis
Composer: Charles Wakefield Cadman
Librettist: Nelle Richmond Eberhart
The Shepherds' Christmas
Composer: William Russo
Librettist: John Swan
Tony Beaver
Composer: Joesf Marais
Librettist: Max Berton
Trouble in Tahiti
Composer: Leonard Bernstein
Librettist: Leonard Bernstein
Under the Double Moon
Composer: Anthony Davis
Librettist: Deborah Atherton
Composer: John Musto
Librettist: Mark Campbell
The Wings of the Dove
Composer: Douglas Moore
Librettist: Ethan Ayer
The Wives of the Magi — An Ecumenical Play with Music for December
Composer: Traditional music
Librettist: Theodore Shank and Adele Edling Sh
Wuthering Heights
Composer: Bernard Herrmann
Librettist: Lucille Fletcher
Wuthering Heights
Composer: Carlisle Floyd
Librettist: Carlisle Floyd
Wuthering Heights
Composer: Frédéric Chaslin
Librettist: Paula Heil Fisher
The Yellow Wallpaper
Composer: Dan Welcher
Librettist: Dan Welcher
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