Composer: Alberto Ginastera
Librettist: Manuel Mujica Lainez
Other Artistic Personnel: Tito Capobianco (Director)
Work Web Site:
Premiere Date: May 19, 1967
Producing Company: Opera Society of Washington
Description: The Duke of Bomarzo drinks a magic potion that his astrologer Silvio de Narni claims will make him immortal. Instead, it is a fatal poison. As he dies, the stunted hunchback Bomarzo relives his tortured existence through a series of flashbacks. His father drags him into a haunted room where a large skeleton dances and menaces him. Later, his father is mortally wounded in battle. The young man, still a virgin, is sent to the courtesan Pantasilea in Florence, but the reflection of his horrid image in her room of mirrors disturbs him. His brother Girolamo falls from a cliff and dies. The new Duke meets Julia Farnese, but is angered when she prefers his brother Maerbale. In a macabre dance festival, erotic and terrifying dreams pass before the Duke. Still courting Julia, he spills a glass of red wine on her dress and interprets it as a premonition of death. After their marriage, Bomarzo finds himself impotent. As years go by, he becomes convinced that Julia is unfaithful with Maerbale. He orders his slave Abul to kill his brother. Silvio mixes the magic potion while Bomarzo’s nephew Nicolas watches. The boy poisons the drink. Bomarzo drinks it and dies.
Character List (Major): Pier Francesco Orsini, Duke of Bombarzo (t)
Silvio de Narni, Astrologer (bar)
Gian Corrado Orsini, Father of Pier Francesco (b)
Girolamo, brother of Pier Francesco (bar)
Maerbale, brother of Pier Francesco (bar)
Nicolas Orsini, Nephew of Pier Francesco (contralto or t)
Julia Farnese, wife of Pier Francesco (s)
Pantasilea, Courtesan (mz)
Diana Orsini, Grandmother of Pier Francesco (contralto)
Length: 02:20
Total Acts: 2
Contact: Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.
E-mail Address:
Phone: 212-358-5300
Publisher Web Site:
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