The Ghostly Groom
Composer: Ira-Paul Schwarz
Librettist: Gary D. Luckert, Ira-Paul Schwarz
Original Cast: Roles: Baron, Lord of the Manor, baritone; Marta, Gretchen's Aunt, soprano; Katrine, Gretchen's Aunt, mezzo-soprano; Gretchen, the bride, soprano; Jan, the groom, tenor; Heine, the intended groom, tenor/baritone; Domine, clergyman, baritone
Premiere Date: Not available.
Description: Many years ago, the Baron and a comrade-in-arms had arranged a marriage contract for their two children. Although the principals+--+the Baron's only daughter and the son of the Baron's long-deceased comrade+--+have never met, they are about to fulfill the agreement made by their fathers. Gretchen, the Baron's daughter, has led a sheltered but "proper" existence, supervised by two maiden aunts, Marta and Katrine. The groom-to-be, Heine, is making his way toward the Castle accompanied by a clergyman and several aides. Heine accidentally encounters his good friend and fellow officer Jan, to whom he confesses his reluctance to get married. The party is set upon by brigands who, before they are driven off, mortally wound Heine. His last request is for Jan to honor the pledge by proceeding to the Castle to explain the turn of events. Jan agrees to this with trepidation, since his family and the Baron's clan have enjoyed a long-standing feud. When Jan arrives at the Castle, he is taken to be the long-awaited groom. Jan finds it prudent to accept this situation, especially since he and Gretchen have fallen in love. Gretchen, who has been told the true story, is not at all concerned with old family feuds and agrees to elope with Jan. After the elopement is discovered, word is brought to the Castle that Heine had been killed. The Baron and his kin assume that the person who appeared as the groom was, therefore, his ghost. The Baron is beside himself when he determines that his daughter has run off with a spectre. Jan (in the flesh) and Gretchen return, however. The Baron, relieved to learn that his new son-in-law is really human, forgives him+--+even for being a Starkenfaust. The Baron considerably brightens at Jan's promise of grandchildren. The wedding party continues.
Length: 01:25
Total Acts: 2
Chorus: Small Chorus
Orchestration: pf and opt sm orch
Musical Style: Eclectic; uses operetta forms in a contemporary vein
Contact: Ira-Paul Schwarz
Phone: (44) 1263/721 753
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