Game Misconduct
Composer: Leslie Uyeda
Librettist: Tom Cone
Other Artistic Personnel: Leslie Uyeda, Conductor; Glynis Leyshon, Director; Peggy Jameson, Producer/Assistant Director; Kelly Arnsby, Movement Coach; Theresa Tsang, Stage Manager; Leslie Frankish, Set Designer; Kate King, Costume Designer; Alan Brodie, Lighting Designer; Colin Campbell, Technical Director; Valerie Moffat, Head of Props; Tim Matheson, Projections
Original Cast: John Mac Master (Larry); Benoit Butet (Snake); Jean Stillwell (Sylvia); Sally Dibblee (Blossom); Brian McIntosh (René); Gregory Dahl (Hugo); Heidi Breier (Rita); Wendy Hatala Foley (Trish)
Premiere Date: August 11, 2000
Producing Company: Festival Vancouver 2000
Description: Game Misconduct takes place in the seventh game of a playoff series between a Canadian and an American hockey team. The action begins in the stands of a Canadian arena, which is to be torn down after the Canadian team's final game. There are eight characters, all fans of the game. Larry (tenor) has been a vendor in his beloved arena for 20 years. He will lose his job when the arena is torn down. René (bass-baritone) is the father of the Canadian team's goalie. Blossom (soprano) is a knowledgeable, feisty hockey fan who loves the fighting in the game. Snake (tenor) and Sylvia (mezzo-soprano) are a middle-aged couple whose relationship is in trouble: Snake lives through hockey; Sylvia has loved hockey but yearns for more. Hugo (baritone) is a visitor to the city. He is a well-heeled, obnoxious fan from Anaheim. Trish (mezzo-soprano) is a neophyte hockey fan attending her first game. Rita (soprano) is a young but longtime hockey fan. The stories of these characters are told against the backdrop of this sudden death game. Win or lose, nothing will be the same at the end of the game for any of these fans.
Length: 01:20
Total Acts: 1
Orchestration: cl, sax, pf, kbd, vln, vc, perc
Musical Style: Contemporary; tonal centers; dissonance
Contact: Mary Ingraham, ICRM Corporation
E-mail Address:
Phone: 604-318-8637
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