The Sandman
Composer: Thomas Cabaniss
Librettist: Douglas Langworthy and David Hers
Other Artistic Personnel: David Herskovits, director; Erika Belsey, set design; David Zinn, costumes; Lenore Doxsee, lighting.
Original Cast: Nathanael (tenor) - Christian Sebek Young Nathanael/Olympia (soprano) - Violetta Zambetti Mother/Clara (soprano) - Rachel Mondanaro Father/Spalanzani (tenor) - Byron Singleton Coppelius/Coppola (bass-baritone) - Gregory Rahming Siegmend (baritone) - Jay Johnson
Premiere Date: May 08, 2002
Producing Company: Target Margin Theater
Description: "The Sandman" is the story of the romantic poet Nathanael, whose obsessions with childhood traumas lead him on a collision course with fate. It begins in a series of fits and starts that parallel the novella's shifting narrative style. We follow him through a series of adventures, including a meeting with a barometer merchant and his love affair with the automaton Olympia. After a nervous collapse, Nathaneal is overcome with anxiety and tragically leaps from a parapet to his death.
Comments: "The Sandman" "cheerfully deconstructs" opera as an artform. The work plays with operatic conventions while embracing its power. Its 26 performances at the Connelly Theater in New York were sold out, and Time Out hailed it as "an ambitious fusion of legit opera and avant-garde experimentation." It was conceived by incorporating various kinds of recorded music with the original score. Yodeling, heavy metal, and Schubert played alongside and in conjunction with Cabaniss's original material. In this way, composed and recorded sounds inspired each other in the creation of the show and in the final result. This blend of live and recorded sound was achieved through Target Margin Theater's extended experiments over two years with this mixture of sound.
Length: 01:30
Total Acts: 1
Musical Style: lyrical tonality with experimental juxtapositions of recorded music.
Contact: Thomas Cabaniss
Address: 225 Duke Ellington Boulevard, 2K
New York, NY 10025
Phone: 212-865-2455
Composer Web Site:
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