Desert of Roses
Composer: Robert Moran
Librettist: Michael John LaChiusa
Other Artistic Personnel: John Dew, Director;John DeMain, Conductor; Heinz Balthes, Set Designer; Jose Manuel Vazquez, Costume Designer; Noele Stollmack, Lighting Designer; Trey McIntyre, Choreographer
Original Cast: Original cast: The Girl, Jayne West; The Monster, John Stephens; The Woman, Stella Zambalis; The Sisters, Heidi Jones and Patricia Johnson; The Brother, Eric Perkins; The Father, Kelly Anderson
Premiere Date: February 14, 1992
Producing Company: Houston Grand Opera
Description: Set just after the American Civil War, an army officer is transformed into a monster through guilt because of all of the destruction he has caused. He is cursed to live in a prison of thorny roses that spring out of the desert. A man is invited by an invisible host to stay the night. In the morning he picks a rose for his daughter. The host (the Monster) threatens him with death unless the daughter comes to live with him. To save her father, the daughter goes to the garden. The lives and emotions of the Monster and the Girl begin to intertwine, but she cannot bring herself to love him. Upon returning home, her greedy sisters steal the ring the Monster has given her. She returns to the Monster, realizing the inward nature of love and beauty. With her love, the Monster is redeemed.
Reviews: Opera News, William Albright, July 1992; Opera Now, Graeme Kay, May 1992; Financial Times, Max Loppert, 3-2-92; New York Newsday, Peter Goodman, 2-27-92; International Herald Tribune, David Stevens, 2-26-92; Los Angeles Times, Mark Swed, 2-25-92; The Philadelphia Inquirer, Daniel Webster, 2-25-92; The Wall Street Journal, Willard Spiegelman, 2-24-92; The New York Times, Edward Rothstein, 2-21-92; The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2-19-92; Houston Chronicle, Charles Ward, 2-17-92; Houston Chronicle, Charles Ward, 2-9-92; The Houston Post, Carl Cunningham, 2-9-92; Opera News, 2-1-92
Length: 02:00
Total Acts: Not Available
Chorus: Chorus
Orchestration: 18 players: syn, perc, str
Musical Style: Tonal chamber opera with small ensemble numbers, trios, quintets, and arias; minimalism; lyrical vocal lines
Contact: Robert Moran
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Desert of Roses (Moran)
Friday, February 14, 1992 - Houston Grand Opera
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