Europeras I & II
Composer: John Cage
Librettist: John Cage
Other Artistic Personnel: No conductor
Original Cast: Original Cast: Europera I: Christina Andreou, June Card, Eliane Coelho, Marianne Rørholm, Michal Shamir, Anny Schlemm, Rodney Gilfry, Heinz Hagenau, Willy Müller, Seppo Ruohonen; Europera II: Harolyn Blackwell, Ilse Gramatzki, Margit Neubauer, Tom Fox, Michael Glücksmann, Valentin Jar, Keith Mikelson, William Workman, Jurij Zinovenko
Premiere Date: December 12, 1987
Producing Company: Frankfurt Opera
Description: The action is selected randomly out of the pages of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary. Two dozen monitors with digital time indicators replace the conductor and provide the framework. At 20'15", two stagehands with horse's heads get ready to pull onto the stage, at 22'25", an old peasant cart carrying an Amfortas in bishop's clothing; at 22'34", a dark cloud has been carried onto the stage; at 24'43", a practice target is set up. Amfortas leaves the stage, singing, at 25'38"; a coffin appears at 27'47" and is opened at exactly 28'00". A lady in a box sings a duet with a large bass. At 38'40" a covered-up piano, a jeep, and a garbage container are found together on the stage.
Reviews: The New Yorker, Andrew Porter, 8-8-88; The New York Times, John Rockwell, 7-16-88; The New York Times, 7-10-88; Opera News, Mark Swed, 7-88; The Wall Street Journal, Mark Swed, 2-26-88
Length: 02:15
Total Acts: 2
Orchestration: 24 players; tape "Truckera" (101 operatic fragments, superimposed), no conductor
Ballet/Dance: Dancers
Musical Style: Arias from classic European repertoire chosen by the singers; instrumental parts are a collage of brief fragments from 70 operas chosen using computer-controlled chance operations
Contact: C.F. Peters Corporation
Phone: 212-686-4147
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