Composer: Randolph Peters
Librettist: Marilyn Gronsdal Powell
Other Artistic Personnel: Richard Bradshaw (Conductor)
Marilyn Gronsdal Powell (Director)
Peter Horne (Set and Costume Designer)
James Plaxton (Lighting Designer)
Original Cast: Sally Dibblee (Camilla and Mina)
Barry Busse (Nosferatu)
Brian Nickel (Mayor)
Helen Yu (Sequin Lady)
Pamela MacDonald (Nurse)
Allison Scott (Josef)
Gaynor Jones (Josef's Mother)
Robert Dirstein (Josef's Father)
Kenneth Baker (Banker)
Randall Jakobsh (Policeman)
Marcia Swanston (Nzbana)
John Avey (Tomas)
Premiere Date: December 08, 1993
Producing Company: Canadian Opera Company
Description: After a prologue in which Camilla, Nosferatu's daughter, has a recurring dream of a ship sailing on a sea of sand toward a mirage, Act I begins with the citizens of Demeter celebrating the building of a dam. Tomas, an archeologist, and Josef, the son of the Innkeeper and his wife, are the only citizens to protest the dam's construction. In their quest for wealth, the citizens have ignored the fate of the Dispossessed People, who have been moved to an internment camp called the Village of Shame. The celebration is interrupted by Camilla's arrival. She is looking for the owner of a pendant she possesses. Nzbana, a woman from the Village of Shame, recognizes Nosferatu's name on the pendant and flees, taking Josef with her. After a futile search for Josef and Nzbana, Camilla persuades Tomas to take her to the Village of Shame to find Nzbana, the one who can lead her to the pendant's owner. Nzbana, meanwhile, bargains with Nosferatu: She will bring Camilla to him if he will protect the Dispossessed People. Josef is left to be sacrificed later. Nosferatu kills the Innkeeper. After arriving at the Village of Shame, Camilla violently pushes Tomas away and goes with Nzbana to find Nosferatu. The Innkeeper's wife and citizens of Demeter find the Innkeeper's body and are outraged. They vow revenge against the Dispossessed People.

Act II begins with Nosferatu questioning Camilla about where she got the pendant. As she is describing her mother's death, Nosferatu realizes that Camilla is his daughter. He confronts her with this fact and demands that she drink Josef's blood in order to achieve true understanding, available to only those who live forever. She is left alone to contemplate her decision. Nosferatu murders several citizens and is thwarted by Nzbana in murdering Tomas. For being spared, Tomas must tell the citizens that Nosferatu will kill them all if they do not leave the Dispossessed People alone. They retreat. Camilla refuses to kill Josef. She struggles with her father and kills him. Nzbana insists that Camilla assume the role of protector of her people, but she refuses. The sounds of mob violence gets closer. Tomas enters severely injured. He has tried to stop them, but the citizens have killed all of the Dispossessed people. As he dies, Camilla is left again to contemplate the consequences of her actions.
Reviews: Winnipeg Free Press, James Manishen, 2-13-96; Border Crossings, T. Patrick Carrabré, Spring 1994; The Winnipeg Sun, Kirsten Andrews, 2-9-96; Winnipeg Free Press, Kevin Prokosh, 2-6-96; Canadian Press Review, Rod Currie, 12-9-93; The Toronto Star, Henry Mietriewicz, 12-4-93; Winnipeg Free Press, Garth Buchholz, 11-30-93.
Length: 01:35
Total Acts: 2
Orchestration: fl(picc), cl(bcl), alto saxophone (dbl. soprano saxophone), horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion, piano, 5 violins, 3 cellos, 1 bass
Musical Style: Melodic, rhythmically bold; atonal sections; influenced by expressionistic musical intensity and procedures; leitmotifs linked to main dramatic themes; some taped sounds of Nepalese funeral mourners.
Contact: Canadian Opera Company
Phone: 416-363-6671
Schedule of Performances Listings
Nosferatu (Henderson)
Saturday, November 6, 2004 - Opera Idaho
Nosferatu (Peters)
Saturday, February 10, 1996 - Manitoba Opera
Nosferatu (Peters)
Wednesday, December 8, 1993 - Canadian Opera Company
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