Under the Double Moon
Composer: Anthony Davis
Librettist: Deborah Atherton
Other Artistic Personnel: Rhoda Levine (Director)
William McGlaughlin (Conductor)
Marie Anne Chiment (Set and Costume Designer)
Robert Wierzel (Lighting Designer)
Original Cast: Cynthia Clarey (Kanaxa)
John Duykers (Krillig)
Ai-Lan Zhu (Xola)
Eugene Perry (Tarj)
Jake Gardner (The Gaxulta)
Thomas Young (The Inspector)
Michael McMurray (Malek)
Premiere Date: June 15, 1989
Producing Company: Opera Theatre of Saint Louis
Description: The watery planet Undine is populated by both humans and water-dwelling humanoids, called Gaxulta. Xola and Tarj, the two central characters, are possessed with telepathic powers. The Empress of the Federation of Planet-nations, of which Undine is a member, has dispatched an inspector to abduct the twins in order to use their powers to prolong her life and her rule. The twins are confronted at sea by a Gaxulta, who warns them of danger and explains that he is really their father, not the fisherman, Krillig. Kanaxa, the twins' mother, runs from her abusive human husband to the Gaxulta; they profess their love for each other and Kanaxa begins to transform into a Gaxulta. The twins are then faced with the choice of following their mother and father into the sea or pursuing their own destiny.
Reviews: Opera, Harold Blumenfeld, 10-89; The Opera Journal, Harold Blumenfeld, 9-89; The New Yorker, Andrew Porter, 7-31-89; The New York Times, John Rockwell, 6-19-89; The Kansas City Star, Kenneth LaFave, 6-18-89; The New York Times, K. Robert Schwarz, 6-11-89
Length: 01:45
Total Acts: Not Available
Orchestration: 2 fl(picc, afl), 1 ob, 2 cl(cbcl or bamboo flute), 1 bsn - 2 hrn, 1 tpt, 2 tbn - timp, 3 perc - hp - str
Musical Style: Semi-impressionistic; declamatory vocal technique; passages of jazz improvisation and rhythm and blues; atonality; mixed meters; rhythmic ostinati
Contact: G. Schirmer, Inc.
E-mail Address: pm@schirmer.com
Phone: 212-254-2100
Publisher Web Site: http://www.schirmer.com
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