Mortal, Immortal
Composer: Robert Ceely
Librettist: Elisabeth Gatineau
Original Cast: Roles: Nora, beloved of Winze, soprano; Lady Moran, Nora's guardian, mezzo; Boy, boy soprano; Cornelius, an alchemist, baritone; a priest, baritone.
Premiere Date: November 24, 2007
Description: The alchemist Cornelius, pretending to be an innocent apothecary, tries to hire Winze, a poor young man, as an assistant but Winze turns him down because he suspects that Cornelius is an alchemist. Outside the alchemist's house, Winze encounters his beloved Nora, but her guardian Lady Moran forbids the lovers to meet and hurries Nora away. Determined to work so he can marry Nora he asks Cornelius for the job he had rejected. Cornelius asks Winze to watch the alembics claiming that he is making a potion that will cure love. Winze watches the alembics and sees the liquid change to gold. Winze drinks from the flask, believing he will be cured of his love. Cornelius inspects his apparatus, suspecting that Winze has tampered with it. It explodes, killing him. As he dies, he reveals to Winze that the potion was the elixir of eternal life. Twenty-five years have passed Nora is old but Winze is unchanged. The village people are suspicious. Winze decides to grey his hair so he will appear older. Another twenty-five years have passed. Nora is old and sick. Winze is unchanged under his wig and make up. Nora asks for a Priest. Winze confesses to the Priest. The Priest advises Winze to accept his fate as God's will. The scene fades and Winze laments that six hundred years have passed and he is desperate. He suffers eternal life without love. He asks those who listen to pray with him for his death.
Length: 00:55
Total Acts: 1
Orchestration: fl, ob, cl, bsn - hrn, tbn - mar, drum kit - vln, vc, db
Musical Style: 21st-century
Contact: Ceely Music
E-mail Address:
Composer Web Site:
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