L'eau qui danse, la pomme qui chante, l'oiseau qui dit la vérité, or Opera Féerie
Composer: Gilles Tremblay
Librettist: Pierre Morency
Other Artistic Personnel: Robert Bellefeuille (Director)
Jean Bard (Stage Designer)
Marianne Thériault (Costume Designer)
Nicolas Descoteaux (Lighting Designer)
Geodezik (Visual design)
Angelo Barsetti (Make-up Designer)
Lina Cruz (Choreographer)
Geodezik (Video)
Original Cast: Jean Maheux (YBY)
Marianne Lambert (Belle-Étoile)
Marie-Annick Béliveau (Poulane)
Michèle Motard (Feintise)
Scott Belluz (L’Oiseau)
Taras Kulish (Le Roi)
Sylvain Paré (Chérot)
Claudine Ledoux (La pomme, la sirène)
Stéphanie Pothier (Tourterelle)
Anne Saint-Denis (Blondine)
Julien Patenaude (Petit Soleil)
Philippe Martel (Beau Jour)
Julien Grégoire (tambour-parleur)
Lina Cruz (dance)
Work Web Site: http://www.chantslibres.org/en/productions/eau/
Premiere Date: November 19, 2009
Producing Company: Chants Libres
Description: Yby, the narrator, half-bird, half-bee, speaks to us through the Talking Drum, and invites us into an enchanted world in which we discover a story where truth triumphs over deceit, where love must conquer three great trials with the discovery of L’eau qui danse (the water that dances), La pomme qui chante (the apple that sings) and l’oiseau qui dit la vérité (the bird that tells no lies) who, by telling the truth, allows two beings to see themselves differently in relation to one another.

In the City of Wonders, surrounded by creatures stemming from nature, bees, flies, wasps, cicadas, grasshoppers, gnats and other tiny creatures, Queen Blondine gives birth to two boys and one girl, each with a gold star on their foreheads and a small golden chain around their necks, while Princess Brunette, gives birth to a boy beaming with beauty. The Queen Mother Poulane is incensed by the arrival of these magnificent children and sends them to their fates on the seas with the help of her Lady in Waiting, Feintise. Discovered by Corsaire and Corsine, who name them Belle-Étoile, Beaujour, Petit-Soleil and Chérot, they grow up loved and protected from their grandmother’s anger.

After learning at age 16 that they could possibly be the children of important Lords, they decide to leave in search of their past. After three months at sea, accompanied by Tourterelle and Sirène, they arrive at the most beautiful city in the world where they are received by the King. Poulane, furious, discovers Feintise’s betrayal, but Feintise swears that she will find a way to get rid of the children, by placing three trials before them.

Risking his life by traveling to the edge of the world, and thanks to Tourterelle’s precious help, Chérot sets out for l’eau qui danse and la pomme qui chante, who each have an immediate and extraordinary effect on the beauty and spirit of Belle-Étoile. The ultimate test, the discovery of l’oiseau qui dit la vérité, reveals to Chérot and Belle-Étoile that they are not brother and sister, allowing the love that has grown between them to burst forth, the lies to be revealed, and the wondrous occasion to be celebrated.
Character List (Major): YBY (baritone)
Belle-Étoile (soprano)
Poulane (mezzo-soprano)
Feintise (mezzo-soprano)
L’Oiseau (countertenor)
Le Roi (bass)
Chérot (tenor)
La pomme, la sirène (mezzo-soprano)
Tourterelle (mezzo-soprano)
Blondine (soprano)
Petit Soleil (baritone)
Beau Jour (baritone)
Reviews: Review Title - Publication Title 1/1/2010
Video Clip:
Length: 02:30
Total Acts: Not Available
Orchestration: 26 players
Contact: Henry Gauthier, Chants Libres
E-mail Address: creation@chantslibres.org
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