Un Racconto Fiorentino
Composer: Louis Gioia
Librettist: Louis Gioia
Other Artistic Personnel: Glen Cortese, Orchestration; Nancy Rhodes, Director; John Yaffe, Music Director
Original Cast: William Fleck (Carlo, King of Naples); Charles Robert Stephens (Guido di Monforte); Ravil Atlas (Matteo Granduca); Elizabeth Blancke-Biggs (Ginevra Signorelli); David Robinson (Renzo Stanzello); Méléna Marras (Nardo Gonsolvo); Richard Lewis (Luca Morelli)
Premiere Date: October 13, 2000
Producing Company: Encompass New Opera Theatre
Description: Carlo, King of Naples, has been instrumental in the defeat of the Florentine Ghibellines, who favored the German Emperor. Now claiming the title of Chief Administrator in Florence, Carlo has given some of these Ghibellines refuge within his own Neopolitan Kingdom once the Florentine Council expelled them. Matteo, leader of the banished Ghibellines living near Naples, has been forbidden to pursue his courtly romance with Ginevra, daughter of an attendant to King Carlo. During their May celebration, the citizens of the town choose Ginevra for the role of Venus. She, in turn, selects Matteo as her Mars, hoping that her father will honor the custom that those so chosen may wed at harvest time. Matteo confides to Ginevra his secret intention to lead an assault against the victorious Guelfs, but Ginevra voices dismay. Aware of the plot, Carlo threatens to punish the exiles. His counselor advises him to seek a reconciliation between the Guelfs and Ghibellines, as the Pope has urged. Carlo promises the exiles immunity if they will renounce insurrection and follow him to Florence, where he will petition the Council to restore their confiscated property. He also promises to prepare a splendid wedding for Matteo and Ginevra. After the Ghibellines consent, they depart with Carlo and Ginevra, singing, "Firenze, tornan i figli tuoi!" (Florence, your sons return!)
Length: 02:10
Total Acts: 3
Musical Style: Early 20th-century Italian verismo; melodic
Contact: Louis Gioia
Phone: 212-673-8682
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Un racconto fiorentino (Gioia)
Friday, October 13, 2000 - Encompass New Opera Theatre
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