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Article Published: 15 Mar 2018

OPERA America's Commitment to Anti-Harassment

OPERA America is equally committed to helping opera companies prevent harassment and individuals who have been victims of harassment, abuse and/or assault. Accordingly, staff have collected and organized resources into two categories: for Organizations and for Individuals. Information is provided for anyone who needs immediate assistance.

All OPERA America general directors must review their anti-harassment policies on a regular basis, update them as needed and distribute them to all full-time staff, part-time employees, artists, trustees and volunteers. It is more important than ever to enforce these policies and promote organizational cultures that are respectful of everyone involved in our industry.

We are grateful to the company leaders who have shared information about how their policies were created, distributed and enforced. None of these is offered as a prescription; all of them are available as points of reference for your own work. Further, we recommend that company leaders seek local expertise to tailor policies and procedures to their own organizations and to secure training for staff, artists, board members and volunteers.

OPERA America is committed to fostering an industry-wide work environment that is conducive to our highest goal – to honor our shared humanity. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have.

– Marc A. Scorca
President/CEO, OPERA America