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West Side Story at Houston Grand Opera
West Side Story at Houston Grand Opera (photo: Lynn Lane)

OPERA America Membership

Founded in 1970 by 20 American opera companies, OPERA America now serves a diverse membership of over 600 organizations and 3,000 individuals across North America and around the world.

Our membership unites those working, volunteering, and finding enjoyment in opera around a shared vision for the future of the art form. We provide access to learning materials, professional opportunities, and the resources of our National Opera Center in New York City.

Organizational Membership

Opera companies, educational institutions, industry businesses, and other arts entities benefit from OPERA America’s collective knowledge and resources, as well as learning opportunities, professional development, and discounts.

Individual Membership

Artists, administrators, trustees, educators, and appreciators stand with OPERA America in support of opera. They benefit from resources, opportunities, and discounts to advance careers and deepen appreciation of the art form.

Support Us

Opera’s most devoted lovers and leaders invest in the vitality of opera across North America by supporting OPERA America, our National Opera Center, and our programming with annual, tax-deductible donations.