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Careers with OPERA America

When you work with OPERA America, you work at the center of the opera industry.

Our visitors to the National Opera Center, our members on the phone, and many of our fellow colleagues have studied, practiced, and dedicated their careers to opera. You don’t need to be an aficionado when you arrive, but you will certainly hear opera every day throughout our offices at the Opera Center.

Current Opportunities

We offer you an opportunity to contribute to the health of an entire arts sector. You will meet the leaders of major North American opera companies, along with stakeholders from every facet of the industry. You will be at the helm as we move opera forward.

OPERA America’s Core Operating Values

We are dedicated to strengthening our organization through teamwork that is informed by individual creativity and participation. Each of us contributes to the success of our organization with productivity and trust built through accountability.

Our commitment to collaboration is balanced with an equal commitment to empowering our staff members to attain their fullest potential. We strive to create an environment that is supportive of professional and personal growth for all of us.

We are a community of people who believe the arts make our society stronger. We believe that access to joy is a fundamental right of citizenship and that this joy should be experienced in our work environment to the fullest extent possible.

As we work with our members to build their capacity to make people feel they belong in opera, we welcome all staff into the mission of OPERA America.