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OPERA America Community Guidelines

We believe in the power of convening to build community, gather insights, and forge collaborative solutions. Whether in person or over digital channels, we invite you to connect with other people to ask questions, share ideas, discuss topics, debate issues, and learn new concepts about opera.

In all spaces, we strive to create a spirit of belonging and inspiration for everyone who participates in our community: artists, administrators, educators, trustees, enthusiasts, donors, consultants, and other participants of the opera ecosystem.


What do we expect of each other?

Our Community Guidelines establish our collective responsibility in creating and maintaining this environment.

  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity.
    Let’s make sure everyone feels welcome and safe to participate. We don’t tolerate hate speech, bullying, discrimination, or abuse based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, body identity, religion, disability, or disease.
  • Use supportive and helpful language.
    Let’s embrace the potential of collective learning and exchange. There are things we don’t know and can learn from others. We must enter the room with curiosity. We must acknowledge the different experiences and expertise that others bring. Healthy debates are natural, but compassion is required.
  • Show sensitivity and foster trust.
    Let’s create spaces where everyone feels comfortable to voice ideas, share materials, and be their own true self. We encourage authentic, expressive discussions, but we must recognize that some information is sensitive and private. Without express permission, what’s shared in the space should stay in the space.
  • Remember that intention doesn’t outweigh impact.
    Let’s accept that we may make mistakes along the way, and those mistakes may inflict harm on others. We must take responsibility for the impact of our mistakes and make amends, even when our intentions were otherwise. We must extend grace to others and to ourselves as we stumble and learn.


How do we enforce our guidelines?

OPERA America staff and board members will do their part to enforce these guidelines at the National Opera Center, conferences, events, and other in-person activities, as well as on social media, listservs, and other digital platforms.

But we can’t be everywhere. We encourage anyone who experiences or observes any violation of these guidelines to contact us using one of the channels below.

We hope that conflict can be resolved through restorative justice: extending/offering an apology, building understanding, facilitating mediation, and demonstrating change.

Different behaviors may call for different responses. When necessary, and especially after repeat offenses, OPERA America may temporarily or permanently suspend access to or participation in its facilities, programs, or communication channels.


How can you contact us?

We invite you to contact us with observations or concerns:

You may remain anonymous if you wish. Please keep in mind that for OPERA America to engage in restorative justice, we'll need to be able to connect. It's up to you!
Contact us

We encourage anyone who experiences or observes any violation of these guidelines to contact us (anonymously, if preferred).