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Organizational Membership

Opera companies, educational institutions, industry businesses, and other arts entities benefit from OPERA America’s collective knowledge and shared resources, as well as learning opportunities, professional development, and discounts.

We offer five types of organizational membership tailored to various subsets of the opera industry. 

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For assistance in determining which organizational membership is right for you, contact us at Membership@operaamerica.org or 646.699.5238.

Professional Company Membership

$385 ‒ $16,500
By Budget Size

Professional Company Membership, OPERA America's most comprehensive membership category, is a network of companies across North America that produce or present opera and music theater at the highest standards of professionalism.

Our Professional Company Members must meet a set of established operational and financial qualifications. They must be approved by the OPERA America Board of Directors in order to apply for grants, participate in annual forums, and take advantage of other resources only available to these opera companies.

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Directory of current Professional Company Members.

Associate Membership


OPERA America’s Associate Membership is for nonprofit producing companies, presenting entities, ensembles, competitions, guilds, or other organizations whose missions are related to the production, creation, or enjoyment of opera or music theater. Similar organizations based outside of the United States and Canada can join as international Associate Members.

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Educational Producing Associate Membership


OPERA America’s Educational Producing Associate Membership is for educational institutions, including universities, conservatories, and other schools, that present productions of opera or music theater and train singers, composers, librettists, directors, and designers in the art of opera and music theater.

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Business Membership


OPERA America’s Business Membership is for opera-related nonprofit or for-profit companies that work in areas of administrative services, artistic management, artistic services, consulting, IT/software services, music publishing, production services, tourism and travel, and other arts-related fields.

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Career Service and Library Membership


OPERA America’s Career Service and Library Membership is for universities, schools, and other career-focused entities, as well as institutional, music, and public libraries, that provide industry resources to opera administrators, artists, technicians, and enthusiasts.

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