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Professional Company Membership

Professional Company Membership, OPERA America's most comprehensive membership category, is a network of companies across North America that produce or present opera and music theater at the highest standards of professionalism.

As a Professional Company Member, you enjoy a broad portfolio of services, resources, and benefits available to the full staff of your organization, including:

  • Field-Wide Connections: Exclusive access to a community of peers through topical forums, national conferences, and industry listservs in areas of artistic administration, education, finance, fundraising, marketing, performer development, and production. 
  • Industry Resources: Full access to articles, research reports, and other essential resources through the quarterly Opera America Magazine, website portal, and online databases of production rentals and new work.
  • Grant Opportunities: Exclusive opportunities to apply for competitive project grants in areas of repertoire development, civic practice, and innovation.
  • Professional Development: Free or discounted registration for industry conferences, special convenings, and a portfolio of leadership development programs.
  • Thought Leadership and Advocacy: Support from the OPERA America team in advancing advocacy initiatives in Washington, D.C., and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusions industry wide.
  • Trustee Services: Access to annual forums, workshops, and articles to foster strong governance among board members.  
  • National Opera Center: Premier one-year advance booking and discounts on audition, recital, and workshop rentals in New York City.


Qualifications for Membership

Professional Company Members must meet a set of established operational and financial qualifications in order to be approved by the OPERA America Board of Directors.

To qualify as a Professional Company Member, your organization must:

  1. Be a 501(c)3 corporation or part of a larger 501(c)3 corporation whose repertoire includes opera and/or music theater.
  2. Produce or present at least one staged, semi-staged, or virtual work in the current season, as well as in two previous seasons.
  3. Employ paid management of at least one full-time equivalent.
  4. Pay all performers and other artists.
  5. Provide audited financial statements, a financial review, or an IRS Form 990.

Applications for Professional Company Membership are accepted on a rolling basis and are reviewed in the fall, winter and spring of each year.

For more information about applying, contact us at Membership@operaamerica.org or 646.699.5238. Companies not currently eligible for Professional Company Membership are invited to join OPERA America as Associate Members.

Membership Inquiry


Annual Dues and Responsibilities

As a Professional Company Member, you pay annual dues on a sliding scale — from $385 to $16,500 — based on your company’s budget from your previous fiscal year.

Professional Company Membership is a two-way relationship.
The benefits of membership are designed for you and your company — and are only as good as you help OPERA America make them. Each year, you will be asked to complete the Professional Opera Survey, an annual study of the field’s finances and operations that inform OPERA America’s service. You will also represent the interests of the membership as an official voting member at OPERA America’s Annual Business Meeting.

New Professional Company Members receive two complimentary registrations to the annual Opera Conference to use within the first two years of membership. You must also remain in good standing for one full year before being eligible to apply for grants.