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Article Published: 01 Mar 2020

A Message about COVID-19

We are deeply concerned about the spread of COVID-19 across the country and its impact on all the individuals and organizations that contribute to the vibrancy of our art form and our field. The cancellation of performances and entire productions – some of which have been years in the making – is profoundly disappointing. The sudden suspension of seasons deprives our communities of the "social proximity" we need more than ever to find common purpose as a society. Reduced work will have the greatest immediate impact on the artists, artisans and support staff who are paid by performance, or on an hourly basis – and on all the businesses that depend on arts audiences for their livelihoods.

OPERA America works collaboratively with a number of other wonderful national arts service organizations, many of which have shared links to resources that can provide current information and access to assistance. We will update this list regularly, and invite all visitors to this site to introduce us to new sources of support. Also included, below, is a list of performance/production cancellations across the field. Once again, please notify us of additional announcements.

Finally, we include a link to our most recent Advocacy Alert. Please add your voice to the growing chorus asking Congress to include nonprofit cultural organizations and artists in any legislation that will provide relief to individuals and institutions of all sizes.