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Collection Updated: 31 May 2020

COVID-19 Independent Sector Resource Tracker

General Resources

Managing Through Tough Times

Resources on creative new approaches to management as we enter into uncharted territory

Council of Foundations
COVID-19 Resource Hub

Hub with updated links regarding council announcements, latest news on the coronavirus, resources for best practices for responding to COVID-19, and a page to share how your organization is responding

Center for Disaster Philanthropy
COVID-19 Declared a Pandemic

Updated hub related to the global impact of COVID-19, information on where to give to relief efforts, and articles linking to the overall response to COVID-19, focused on disaster philanthropic giving

Northern California Grantmakers
2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19): Philanthropic Response

An updated list of events related to how to respond to COVID-19, guidance and short descriptions on “how you can help,” and additional resources.

National Council of Nonprofits
The Nonprofit Community Confronts the Coronavirus

Outlines how the sector has reacted to COVID-19 and provides resources for how to move forward

Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
What Nonprofits Need to Know

Expansive collection of resources not just for Minnesota nonprofits, including useful information to combat potential racist and prejudiced incidents

Events Industry Council
About Coronavirus

Resources focused on COVID-19's effect on events, with niche videos, external resources to understand the virus, short-term implications and concerns, insurance policies, and ways to work around the coronavirus for in-person activities

Health & Data

World Health Organization
COVID-19 Outbreak

Updated articles regarding WHO responses to COVID-19, links to advice, Q&As, reports, resources, guidance, R&D

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Coronavirus Updates and Data Sheet

Updates on affected countries, resources for contingency planning, and testing

American Cancer Society
Coronavirus FAQ

FAQ guide for fast facts about COVID-19, including external links and resources on how to understand/combat the virus

National Institute of Health
Resources for Global Public Health

Detailed source for global health and public health officials and organizations

U.S. Department of State
Hub for Travel Warnings and Americans Abroad

Deep dive of travel warnings and risks of nonessential international travel

What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus

An in-depth resource explaining processes to stay healthy during the pandemic, how the U.S. is responding, and symptoms, along with links to more articles

American Heart Association
Coronavirus Precautions for Patients, Others in High-Risk Category

Guide for heart patients and other patients with underlying conditions including but not limited to heart disease, hypertension, and asthma.