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Collection Updated: 22 Jul 2021

Appeals for Racial Justice in the Arts

Five collectives — Black Opera Alliance, Black Administrators of Opera, Cultural New Deal, We See You W.A.T., and Asian Opera Alliance — have called on the arts sector to take pledges for racial justice.

Black Opera Alliance
A Pledge for Racial Equity and Systemic Change in Opera

"The past several months have seen a worldwide awakening and enlightenment concerning long-standing injustice on matters of race. The Black Opera Alliance (BOA), comprising more than 600 Black opera professionals throughout the world and steadily growing, has observed your willingness to commit to substantively aligning the morality of your organization with principle and policy that evaluates, exposes, and expels racism in opera. To further your cause of solidarity in crucial anti-racist work, we ask that you acknowledge the artistic and financial contributions of Black artists and administrators, join with us, and sign this Pledge, demonstrating your active commitment to dismantling racism and its structures in our art form."

Black Administrators of Opera
Letter to the Opera Field from Black Administrators

"As the opera field continues to grapple with the challenges of both the COVID-19 pandemic and the deeply rooted barriers stemming from racial injustice, we, the Black Administrators of Opera, call upon each of you to help make the necessary changes for greater equity in our field."

Cultural New Deal
A Call for a Cultural New Deal for Cultural and Racial Justice

"We are the artists, the culture bearers, the healers of the spirit, the first responders to the community’s soul. In this moment, we face four major threats to our shared existence: a global pandemic; militarized state and vigilante violence, significantly directed at Black people; environmental degradation; and an economic crisis. All of these have been shaped and exacerbated by racism and white supremacy. [...] We call for an end to racial and cultural inequity and injustice."

We See You W.A.T.
Our Demands for White American Theatre

"As the calls for long overdue change sweep every aspect of our society, we as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color theatre workers are meeting the moment, developing a new social contract for our work environments that cares for and sustains our artistry and lives."

Asian Opera Alliance
Concerns With Asian Representation Within Our Industry

"Inspired largely by the Black Opera Alliance, we have come together to form the Asian Opera Alliance to assert our voices as Asian-identified opera professionals, to stake a claim for our and others’ posterity, and also to establish a collective resource for companies eager to implement changes. As the opera industry makes strides in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, we implore you—our employees, colleagues, and collaborators—to invest time, energy, and funds into developing strategies to make opera more equitable for and respectful of artists and communities of Asian descent."