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Video Published: 23 Sep 2021

Achieving a New Normal: Panel Discussion

Companies are living with questions about the shape of future seasons. What will be the balance between in-theater productions and casual outdoor events? How will digital programming be balanced with live performances? Can the new level of accessibility achieved during the pandemic be preserved? But is it possible to arrive at a “new normal” if we simply return to old department structures and modes of operation? Panelists discuss the ways COVID-19 has cut across existing organizational silos and how new operating strategies will be needed to achieve new goals for the field.


Lynette Turner (moderator), senior associate, AMS Planning and Research
Lee Bynum, vice president of impact, Minnesota Opera
Julian Chender, manager, Accenture; fellow, Kates Kesler Organization Consulting
Khori Dastoor, general director, Opera San José
David Devan, general director and president, Opera Philadelphia
Rebekah Diaz, manager of community engagement and IDEA initiatives, Pittsburgh Opera
Barry Edelstein, Erna Finci Viterbi artistic director, The Old Globe
Jaime Martino, executive director, Tapestry Opera
Douglas McLennan, founder and editor, ArtsJournal
Gillian Moran, board president, Opera San José

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