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Video Published: 04 Jan 2023

Ópera Cultura Project presents "Los Revolucionariós"

Los Revolucionariós

In the series "Los Revolucionariós" composer and  Ópera Cultura's artistic director Héctor Armienta interviews some of the leading Latinx Artists in the field of opera today, including composers, singers, stage directors, and conductors.

In this lively and intimate video interview series, devoted to the work of Latinx Artists changing the face of opera on stage and off stage, artists share their stories, their work, and their passion. 

Episode 1 | Composer Jorge Sósa

Episode 2 | Composer Carla Lucero

Episode 3 | Conductor Vladimir Gomez

Episode 4 | Tenor Daniel Montenegro

Episode 5 | Soprano Cecilia Violetta López

Episode 6 | Stage Director Ragnar Conde

Episode 7 | Conductor Felipe Tristan 

Episode 8 | Composer and Conductor Nicolas Benavides

Episode 9 | Efraín Solís, Baritone