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Produced by Against the Grain Theatre, Joel Ivany, and Robin Whiffen, BOUND was selected as a finalist in the category of Noteworthy Projects in the 2023 Awards for Digital Excellence.

Watch the video and learn more about the work and its producers below. Video available to stream free for a limited time through March 4, 2024.

“How welcoming are we as a country, as a city, as a community?” These questions are posed in the contemporary hybrid opera-film BOUND presented by Against the Grain Theatre (AtG) in association with Crow’s Theatre and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

BOUND’s libretto is written by Joel Ivany, whose lyrics explore ripped-from-the-headlines social issues interwoven with interviews featuring four Canadian citizens of diverse backgrounds who have each had challenging — and remarkably different — journeys finding their place and voice in Canada. BOUND is about the transformational experiences of four storytellers (represented in the film by musical avatars), and these non-fiction narratives undergo their own transformation in the film — shape-shifting from interview segments exploring their lived experiences into song. The power and emotion of these vocals propel BOUND, guided by composer Kevin Lau, allowing opera fans to recognize a number of segments from Handel’s operas and oratorios.



Against the Grain Theatre (AtG) is a multi-award-winning Canadian experimental opera company dedicated to creating boundary-breaking, genre-defying vocal works and films staged in surprising locations, emphasizing innovative storytelling and memorable artistic experiences. AtG is the creator of the internationally acclaimed film Messiah/Complex and the ongoing Opera Pub series.

Established in 2010 and still evolving, AtG is committed to revitalizing the operatic art form by introducing diverse audiences to outside-the-box opera experiences, creating daring reinterpretations of classical repertoire, and offering thrilling, intimate, and unforgettable experiences shared between artists and audiences.

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