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Article Published: 18 Apr 2022


Detroit Opera House  
By Michael Hauser and Marianne Weldon  
Arcadia Publishing

The theater known today as the Detroit Opera House has played an integral role in the city’s cultural fabric since its construction in 1922. This volume brings together remarkable archival images charting the building’s history, from its early years as a “temple of amusement” to its present-day incarnation as a performing arts center owned by Detroit Opera (until recently known as Michigan Opera Theatre). Lisa DiChiera, daughter of Detroit Opera founder David DiChiera, offers an introduction. 


Networking Operatic Italy  
By Francesca Vella  
University of Chicago Press  

Opera’s role in shaping Italian identity has long been studied by critics and scholars. Vella reexamines this much-debated topic by investigating how, where, and why opera traveled on the mid-19th-century peninsula, and what this mobility meant for opera, Italian cities, and Italy alike. She considers opera’s encounters with new technologies of transportation and communication, as well as its continued dissemination through newspapers, wind bands, and singing human bodies.  


Sing Her Name: A Novel  
By Rosalyn Story
Agate Bolden  

Story is a violinist with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra who writes on the central role of Black people in American music. Her third work of fiction follows two musically gifted women whose lives overlap across the boundaries of time: Celia DeMille, a 19th-century concert artist who garners international fame but is barred from her place in history due to prejudice; and Eden Malveaux, a waitress in 21st-century New Orleans who explores DeMille’s legacy while pursuing a singing career of her own. 

This article was published in the Spring 2022 issue of Opera America Magazine.