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Article Published: 01 Jul 2018


The effects of #MeToo movement, a universal referendum on sexual harassment, abuse and assault, have been felt far and wide: government, business, theater, film, television and dance, not to mention opera. In response, OPERA America has created a web page of anti-harassment resources, found at operaamerica.org/AntiHarassment. The resources, which have been culled from social service organizations, as well as OA’s own member companies, are aimed at helping opera companies prevent harassment and assisting individuals who have been victims of harassment.

Marc A. Scorca, president/CEO of OPERA America, emphasizes that the page is intended as a starting point for any company wishing to create or update its anti-harassment policies. “None of these resources is offered as a prescription, but they are available as points of reference for your own work,” says Scorca. “We recommend that com­pany leaders seek local expertise to tai­lor policies and procedures to their own organizations and to secure training for staff, artists, board members and volun­teers.”

Opera Conference 2018, held in June in St. Louis, featured an all-conference roundtable on sexual harassment, abuse and assault. Details of the roundtable, as well as a full report on the confer­ence, will be included in the fall issue.

This article was published in the Summer 2018 issue of Opera America Magazine.