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Article Published: 14 Jul 2021

#MeetOpera, Again

When OPERA America launched its #meetopera social media campaign in January 2020, it was meant to unite the industry around a hashtag that would showcase the art form, in all its vibrancy and variety, to both new and experienced operagoers. Like so many well-laid plans sidelined by the pandemic, #meetopera was put on pause as companies canceled their seasons, though organic use of the hashtag continued on social media. Now, the #meetopera campaign is back to showcase a reinvigorated industry as it reopens its theater doors to audiences.

On April 26, OA officially relaunched the campaign, calling on artists, companies, and fans to use their social media platforms to showcase opera’s diversity, resiliency, and innovation — all in effort to reshape the way people view opera and the operagoing experience. Posts that surprise, inspire, and defy expectations of the art form are especially encouraged.

“This relaunch is an opportunity to welcome newcomers to an art form that has been transformed during the pandemic and to show longtime operagoers what’s new since they last set foot inside an opera house,” says Emma Storm, OA’s digital marketing manager. “Our big message right now is ‘Opera is open.’ We see this as an ideal time to highlight the companies and artists who’ve never stopped producing during the pandemic and also create excitement around the widespread return to live, in-person performances.”

Since the late April relaunch, the campaign has seen robust use of the hashtag. As of press time, there have been 3,055 #MeetOpera posts on Instagram and Twitter by 694 users, with a reach of 4.6 million and 96.7 million impressions.

Those interested in participating in the campaign can go to meetopera.org to learn more. On that page, artists can also sign up to receive regular prompts with content ideas. Being part of the campaign, however, requires minimal social media savvy, notes Storm. “It can truly be as simple as tacking the hashtag onto your favorite recent opera photo.”

This article was published in the Summer 2021 issue of Opera America Magazine.