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Opera Parallèle

Opera Parallèle develops and performs contemporary opera, commissions new works, and re-orchestrates contemporary opera, breathing new life into underperformed masterworks for the 20th & 21st centuries. Embracing rituals of old while bravely finding space for the new, this tension sparks creativity – colorful collisions that inspire new ways of experiencing opera. Born in San Francisco, a city built on both old and new, between art and technology, Opera Parallèle merges tradition with innovation to reimagine the power of opera in the modern world, highlighting stories of social relevance that explore the depth of the human condition.
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Name Title
Nicole Paiement General & Artistic Director - Founder
Daniel Harvey Artistic & Community Manager
Tony Shayne Production Manager
Pamela Sevilla Interim Marketing Director
Adriana Ramírez Mirabal Development Associate
Ruth Nott Managing Director
Aileen Tat Development Director
Brian Staufenbiel Creative Director
Jacques Desjardins Artistic Administrator
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