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Volcano Non-Profit Productions

Volcano is a Toronto-based performance company that creates work experimentally, collaboratively, and with an eye to making art that is culturally aware and politically engaged. We seek to transcend boundaries, orthodoxies and borders – both international and artistic. We value art that makes a profound impact on its audience. We value art as a force for deepening thought and healing souls. We value the people we work with for their imaginations, their excellence in craft, and for all the experiences, vantage points and histories they bring with them. We value the creation of space where art-makers feel free to bring themselves fully to their art-making. We value collective effort. We value well-being in our work, in our communities, and in our societies. We value a better future.

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Ray Bramble General Manager
Sheree Spencer Producer
Meredith Potter Consulting Producer
Ross Manson Artistic Director
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