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Introductory Videos to Anti-Harassment Policies and Respectful Workplaces

This four-part series is a resource companion to Opera RESPECTS — the nationwide and industry-wide anti-harassment and respectful workplace policy jointly created by OPERA America and the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA).

Expertly explained by Chai Feldblum (vice chair, AbilityOne Commission; former commissioner, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), the videos delve into the framework for fostering a culture of respect in the opera workplace. Feldblum breaks down the essential components of a successful policy, from clearly defining harassment to outlining comprehensive reporting procedures, conducting thorough investigations, and providing examples of respectful workplace behavior.

Join Feldblum as she examines key elements of the policy and offers insights and practical guidance on effectively implementing these measures within your own opera company. 

The videos were produced with support from the Seniel and Dorothy Ostrow Foundation and the Widzer Family.

Introduction by Marc A. Scorca

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Part 1: Setting the Framework for Shaping Culture

How does an opera company begin the work of creating a culture of respect in the workplace? In this introductory video, Chai Feldblum lays the foundation for change, sharing three factors that research shows are necessary for leaders to shape culture effectively. 

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Part 2: Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment in the Template Policy

Chai Feldblum reviews the anti-discrimination and anti-harassment aspects of the Opera RESPECTS template policy. She covers sexual harassment and the three characteristics, at minimum, that every policy should have. 

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Part 3: Mechanisms for Accountability: Reporting, Investigations, and Corrective Action

Chai Feldblum emphasizes the importance of having clear and simple mechanisms a company can use to hold people accountable under its policy. She also provides practical guidance for each mechanism described in the policy. 

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Part 4: A Respectful Workplace

For a company to be free of discrimination and harassment, it needs to create a culture of respect in the workplace. In this final video, Chai Feldblum gives examples of respectful behavior, uncivil behavior, and bullying and describes how companies can respond. 

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