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I Dream at Opera Carolina (photo: Mitchell Kearney Photography)


The opera industry relies on a supportive network of national policies that strengthen the arts in American life.

OPERA America represents the interests of the opera community before the White House, Congress, and federal agencies. With advocacy partners in the arts and nonprofit sectors, we work to establish and strengthen federal policies in areas of arts funding, charitable giving, arts education, artist visas, and more.

At the local level, we encourage opera stakeholders and appreciators to take action as arts advocates, speaking out for the public value of opera in their own communities.

OPERA America is a founding member of the Performing Arts Alliance, the national policy advocate, leadership forum, and learning network for America’s nonprofit performing arts organizations, artists, and allies.

Recent Policy Updates

Get Involved

You can lend your voice to our collective advocacy efforts by getting involved as an advocate in your community.

Vote for the Arts

Local, state, and national elections are consequential for the vibrancy of the opera community and the arts sector. When you fulfill your civic responsibility each year, vote for candidates who support the arts. Visit the U.S. Election Assistance Commission or Vote.org to check your registration, register to vote, and learn about your voting options.

Contact Your Elected Officials

Your elected officials at all levels of government and their staff need to hear from you about your support of opera. By regularly writing letters, making phone calls, sending emails, and engaging them on social media, you can make sure the arts and the policies that affect the sector remain among their priorities.

Take action on current action alerts:

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Meet Your Elected Officials

Taking the time to forge relationships with your elected officials and their staff pays dividends in securing their support. In a meeting, you can share personal stories about the impact of the arts and advocate for specific policies that affect opera in your community.

OPERA America can help you schedule a meeting with your congresspeople, provide you with talking points, and accompany you to your meetings in a supportive role. 

Find Your Elected Officials   

For assistance, contact us at Advocacy@operaamerica.org or 646.699.5238.

Key Policy Issues

Below is a list of key policy issues of interest to the opera community and the overall arts and cultural sector. These policy issues can be addressed in various ways, including via legislation and/or regulation. Please utilize these issue briefs in your engagement with your elected and regulatory officials at all levels of government.

Additional Policy Issues