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National Opera Center Campaign

OPERA America’s National Opera Center has become a cornerstone of the opera field since it opened in 2012. Over 80,000 artists, educators, and administrators visit each year for rehearsals, recitals, workshops, performances, meetings, recording sessions, and more.

The $14.5 million campaign to build the Opera Center — begun in 2005 and completed in 2018 — responded to the critical need for suitable audition, rehearsal, and recording venues for opera companies in New York City.

The campaign supported the custom construction and renovation of the 25,000-square-foot facility and established a dedicated endowment that ensures the Opera Center remains accessible to the thousands of artists and opera companies that call it home.


Ovation Hall Tributes

Ovation Hall, a special installation on the main floor of the National Opera Center, provides an ongoing opportunity to celebrate, thank, and remember those who have contributed to opera’s rich legacy. 

By making a gift to the Opera Center endowment, you can install a customized tribute panel to pay homage to one of the field’s great leaders. Your inscription will join scores of others that provide an inspirational backdrop to the companies and artists who have made the Opera Center their working home.

For information about dedicating a tribute panel, contact us at Membership@operaamerica.org or 646.699.5266.


Leadership Gifts

We are indebted to the individuals and institutions whose support established the National Opera Center as the nexus of the national opera field. Leadership gifts by generous individuals and collaborative initiatives pay tribute to significant artists, administrators, and patrons throughout the facility:

  • Sarah Billinghurst Listening Cove
  • John Conklin Artistic Services Department
  • Elizabeth and Jean-Marie Eveillard Studio
  • Laura Lee Everett Production Design Gallery
  • The Filstrup Foundation Information Technology Room
  • Freeman Artists Canteen
  • Richard Gaddes Artist Lounge
  • Lloyd and Mary Ann Gerlach Service Desk
  • Lee Day Gillespie Administrative Suite
  • David Gockley and Nicola Luisotti Media Suite Control Room
  • Colin Graham Green Room
  • Jane A. Gross Studio
  • Pamela J. Hoiles Reception Lobby
  • James D. Ireland Technical/Production Office
  • Plato and Dorothy Karayanis Audition Recital Hall Foyer
  • Ardis Krainik Research and Reference Library
  • The Lesenger Family Conference Room
  • Charles MacKay Studio
  • Sherril Milnes Honors Gallery
  • Dr. Steve and Rochelle Prystowsky Studio
  • Leontyne Price Service Desk
  • James and Deborah Red Rehearsal Hall Foyer
  • Jane and Mort Robinson Studio
  • Julius Rudel Archive
  • Marc A. Scorca Hall
  • Beverly Sills Studio
  • Marc A. Solomon Family Studio
  • Jill and William Steinberg Studio
  • The Virginia B. Toulmin Studio

For information about additional naming opportunities, contact us at Membership@operaamerica.org or 646.699.5266.