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Report Published: 11 Jan 2023

2022 Annual Field Report

OPERA America's 2022 Annual Field Report is designed to provide leaders in the field with a comprehensive overview of the financial positions of our members.

Information for this report, based on the 2021 fiscal year, is derived from the annual Professional Opera Survey.

In this report, our U.S. Professional Company Members are aggregated into five budget groups.

The report includes an introductory section, "The Field at a Glance," a presentation of financial and performance activity extrapolated for the full OPERA America membership. In addition, a section titled "COVID-19 Impact" presents findings on performance activity during the pandemic, as well as data on the federal COVID relief provided to Professional Company Members.

OPERA America's FY2022 Financial Report and a summary of the organization's activities in 2022 are also included. 

Download the Report

The 2022 Annual Field Report is available as a downloadable PDF below.