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G. Schirmer/Associated Music Publishers/Wise Music Classical

Since its founding, G. Schirmer has been an influential force in music. Established at a time when American music was limited largely to hymns, anthems and folk tunes, G. Schirmer introduced the great compositions of 18th and 19th century Europe to the United States, publishing this country’s first quality editions. G. Schirmer’s growth has paralleled the history of contemporary music, becoming the United States’ foremost music printer and one of the most respected music publishers in the world — nearly half of the Pulitzer Prizes in Music Composition have been given to composers published by G. Schirmer/AMP. A leader in advancing contemporary concert music, G. Schirmer has continually sought out, sponsored and published important new talents and new sounds. It has had the foresight to perceive significant trends and the courage to exert its influence for new musical causes. It continues to support excellence in today’s eclectic music landscape. Above all, G. Schirmer has been a driving force in the dissimination of serious music composition in North America — creating a vehicle for gifted composers to communicate their art, and enabling American music to be heard across the globe.

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