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OPERA San Antonio

OPERA San Antonio’s mission is to produce opera of uncompromising artistic quality and to enrich our community through educational outreach and social engagement. The company is committed to preserving and sharing opera as an art form that is relevant, inspirational, and accessible to residents and visitors of all ages and backgrounds. The civic premise of OPERA San Antonio is that the community needs, and the citizens deserve, access to the major performing arts.  

  • Bringing grand opera to a grand city: We showcase masterpieces of the operatic canon with world-class productions at the Tobin Center.
  •  Presenting extraordinary artists: Established, emerging, and local talent are brought together to create a transcendent experience that engages our public and propels opera into the future.
  •  Social Responsibility: We strive to broaden the impact of opera on the community by producing works in diverse venues throughout the city.  These intimate settings expand the operatic repertoire to include modern works, works that speak to the diverse communities of San Antonio, and works that provide depth to the social fabric of San Antonio.
  •  Educational Outreach: Our goal is to break down stereotypes and promote opera as an accessible and relevant art form by exploring underlying and recurring themes present in today’s society. We take great joy in cultivating a love for opera and the arts in our youth to ensure the strengthening of our city’s cultural impact in our modern age.  We achieve this through active community engagement and educational outreach.

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E. Loren Meeker General and Artistic Director
Francesco Milioto Music Director
Andrew Ward Production Coordinator
Madeline Elizondo Director of Education and Outreach
Garnett Bruce Artistic Advisor
Mel Weingart Founder
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