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Opera Vermont

OUR MISSION - BARN OPERA is an innovative, operatic organization that brings the joy and beauty of accessible opera to a welcoming, rural community. Housed in a rehabilitated and historic post-and-beam barn, we immerse our audience in transformative artistic experiences that promote and ensure opera’s relevance in the 21st century. OUR COMMUNITY - We believe that the creative ambitions of BARN OPERA are integral to the cultural experiences available to the Vermont audiences, and beyond, who crave the beauty and meaning that opera adds to our society. We believe that the offerings of BARN OPERA enhance, in substantial ways, our quality of life, thus strengthening the social fabric of our community. THE BARN OPERA EXPERIENCE - We seek, with courageous approach, to provide opportunities to be at the forefront of the global operatic pulse, while respecting the masterworks of the medium. Whether to challenge the status quo, find deeper meaning in the music, or provide musical escapism, BARN OPERA endeavors to nourish our community by using the words and music of opera as connective tether. We seek to deliver transformative experiences for each audience member. OUR ARTISTIC COMMITMENT - We will continue to foster an authentic safe haven for established and emerging artists to explore the depths of their artistry - without expectation or limitation - creating a transcendent and communal experience for artist and audience alike. BARN OPERA commits to progress within the industry, by developing and inspiring young artists to lead the global efforts for inclusion. Diversity is not just a poetic phrase, but rather a core value of the artistic and creative leadership of the BARN OPERA organization.

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Tricia Welch Executive Director
Christopher Szczerba Treasurer
Cailin Marcel Manson Music Director
Joshua Collier Artistic Director
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