Article Published: 01 Jun 2019

An International Focus: The First World Opera Forum

“Ask not what the world owes opera, but what opera owes the world,” said Nicholas Payne, director of Opera Europa, at the opening session of the first-ever World Opera Forum. A collaboration between OPERA America, Opera Europa and Ópera Latinoamérica, the forum, held in Madrid in April 2018, brought together more than 100 opera executives, artists and thinkers for an intensive three-day discussion of the art form and its role in 21st-century society. The WOF served in part as a 200th anniversary celebration for the host company, Madrid’s fabled Teatro Real. But it was also a culmination of an idea that Nicholas Payne, director of Opera Europa, and Marc A. Scorca, OA’s president/CEO, had been considering for years: a convocation of the field’s thought leaders from diverse disciplines and from all over the planet.

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