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Charles MacKay Studio

The multipurpose Charles MacKay Studio offers you a mid-sized venue for auditions, rehearsals, receptions, and meetings.

With natural and overhead lighting, the room features a regularly tuned Yamaha 5’3” grand piano and a built-in teleconference setup.

Hourly Rates Member Standard
Basic $66 $88
Premium $76 $98

Nonprofits receive 10% off Standard Rates.

Rates valid as of July 1, 2023. Rates are subject to change without notice. Scorca Hall, Rehearsal Hall, and MacKay Studio may be booked day-of for 50% off the rates listed above, pending availability.

Basic: Includes 2 tables, 15 music stands, and 15 chairs. Does not include special setup requests other than basic audition setup, or access to technical packages. Minimum rental: 1 hour.

Premium: Includes enhanced setup. Minimum rental: 2 hours.

For further pricing and rental information, download the Rental Overview or contact us at Reservations@operaamerica.org or 212.796.8630.