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Video Published: 13 Oct 2021

High Net Worth Donor of Color Report

In this session of the 2021 Development Forum, Hali Lee, founder of Radiant Strategies, shares themes, highlights, and implications from her qualitative study of over 100 high net worth donors of color across the U.S.

The story of philanthropy in the United States has not been fully told for it has been told historically as a largely white story, a largely inherited wealth story, and in recent years, as a largely billionaires’ story. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color with high net worth and ultra high net worth have been an apparitional presence across the philanthropic sector. Seen as anomalies rather than animators, hiding in plain sight, their giving, values, and experiences as donors have not been widely seen or studied. 

  • Hali Lee, Founding Partner, Radiant Strategies
  • Facilitator: Andrea Puente Catán, Director of Major Gifts & Hispanic Initiatives, San Diego Opera

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